Five Fan Tips for Phoenix Coyotes Games

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I have watched hockey since I was a little girl. I fell in love with the Phoenix Coyotes when they first moved to Phoenix. I have family that resides in Phoenix and I go see them twice a year. At least once a year while in Phoenix we go see the Coyotes play.

My favorite experience when seeing the Coyotes play is meeting Howler the mascot while he's walking the hallways. This is the one experience that I look forward to every time we go to a Coyotes game. This experience is by far one that I would recommend to every fan of the Coyotes. You can take a picture of your child with Howler the mascot as well.

Seating Capacity

I also like the fact that the Coyotes play to a max capacity of 16,000 fans. This allows for a more enjoyable experience, in my opinion. There are few stadiums that hold that small of a crowd. The stadium is located in Glendale, AZ., which is a suburb of Phoenix.

Stadium Location

The Coyotes play in Arena. The Coyotes stadium is surrounded by AMC Theatres, Glendale Sports and Entertainment District, Westgate City Center, and Margaritaville. Located at 9400 W. Maryland Avenue, you can find directions for getting to the stadium here.


I have seen a lot of concerts, basketball games, hockey games, and football games. Yet, I have never experienced parking like this. You can park your own car for $10.00 at gate G, or you can have valet park your car. The cost for valet to park your car is $20.00 for full service, or $15.00 for Express Valet.

I usually take the $15.00 express valet parking. The reason for this is that I just have to walk out of Gate 1, and grab my keys, and my car is right there. The express is best suited for my personal needs since I have multiple sclerosis, and I cannot walk long distances.

The parking is one of the reasons that I love to attend Coyote games when I go to Phoenix to visit my family there. I can count on the express valet having my car ready for me when I leave the game.

Best seats in the house

For fans like me the best seats in the stadium are center ice. I have sat at center ice only one time. These tickets run about $140, which is kind of expensive for me. I usually get the club red center straight seats, which run about $85 a ticket. I get these tickets because it the best value for my money since it comes with Club South Access.

Food prices

I usually get a soda, my aunt gets bottled water, and we split a bag of popcorn and that runs us about $14. My husband usually buys three beers and that costs about $30 dollars. So the food prices are a little steep. This is why we do not buy the food at the stadium very often.

Misc. things about the Coyotes that I enjoy

I like the fact that the Coyotes players, coaches, and broadcast team care about the community. These guys from time to time will set up a fundraiser and will have fun and games for people of all ages to enjoy. They have coke bottle ring toss among other games.

You can also take your chance at winning game tickets like I did once by buying little charity bags. You open them up and you can see what prizes you get. I won two game tickets, but I donated $100 for the charity bag.

This is one of the special treats that the Coyotes have for the community. These types of events allow the fans upfront and personal interaction with their favorite players. My favorite player is defenseman Chris Summers.

Enjoy your time watching the Coyotes play as I do.

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