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Five Colts Players Who Struggled Against Pittsburgh Steelers: Fan's Take

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At this point everyone is on board with rookie quarterback Andrew Luck. Everyone is writing about how great Luck looks in the preseason and how the offense looks better than many expected. Instead, I've noticed a few players that have not played as well as expected. The following players looked to struggle against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the second preseason game.

Every Cornerback not named Jerraud Powers

Powers looks good but the rest of the cornerbacks on the roster look pretty bad. It's come to the point where I could see just Powers and Justin King being kept and the rest of the eventual players coming off the waiver wire once cuts are made. The group of DJ Johnson, Korey Lindsey, Cassius Vaughn, and Terrance Johnson have all looked very bad. Even Pittsburgh's fourth string quarterback threw the ball at will against the secondary. These players all have just two more games, or until August 31 to prove to the team that they deserve to stay.

Ty Hilton

Hilton has looked good at times but had one of the worst plays a receiver can make in this game. Andrew Luck's second interception was not Luck's fault, but rather Hilton's. Hilton can't make these plays in the regular season where he'll be looked on to play a big role in the offense this season. I still expect big things out of Hilton and think this play will be a one-time thing for him.

Drew Stanton

Stanton came back to earth in this game. He looked fantastic in the first game against St. Louis and had one good drive to start out against Pittsburgh. The Steeler defense also made Stanton look like what he is, a backup quarterback. I still think Indianapolis is decent behind Luck, but the four out of 13 passing performance is more normal for Stanton.

Winston Justice

The starting offensive line has been very inconsistent with their play so far. A lot of the pressure given up has come from Justice, the expected starter at right tackle. It is just the preseason, but Justice has to play better and give Luck more time to work in the pocket. There isn't much competition behind Justice, so the team will need him to continue to improve and get better as the season progresses.

Dominique Jones

Jones is a player who looked very good in the first preseason game and took a step backward in the second. It was encouraging to see him play along with the starters and look good against St. Louis. In this game, Jones looked like what he is, a rookie free agent fighting to make an NFL team. He missed on a few key blocks and didn't look great out there. I think Jones still has the lead at the third tight end spot though.

Kyle Rapoza is a Featured Contributor for the Yahoo! Contributor Network and has been a lifelong fan of the Indianapolis Colts. He attended Super Bowl XLIV in Miami and follows the team closely. He runs a blog about the team at


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