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Fitness Fail Friday: These Guys Forgot One Important Thing


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Tagalong Tommy Fitness Fail
Each Friday, STACK brings you a video of an exercise gone horribly wrong. You may or may not learn something from it, but you will laugh very hard.

This is Tagalong Tommy.

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Tagalong Tommy

Tagalong Tommy - STACK

Tommy is not the most popular guy in his group, but he is the most present. So when he caught wind that some of his buddies were heading to the gym to make workout videos, he did what he does best and tagged along.

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Sperrys - STACK

Tommy owns a sweet pair of Sperrys that he leaves on AT ALL TIMES, including the gym, bed and shower.

Exercise demonstrations don’t usually have co-hosts, so Tagalong Tommy is beyond thrilled to learn that he has been chosen for the job. Although his buddies haven’t given him a lot to do in his new role, he makes the best of things by interpreting for the hearing impaired. Mainly, he counts.

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Counting - STACK

Do four reps, guys.

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Two Reps

Two Reps - STACK

This is rep two.

Two reps in, Tommy is starting to get the hang of this whole co-host thing. Then this happens.

Unfortunately, Tommy never learned the two most important rules of exercise demonstration co-hosting:

1. Always use clips
2. Make sure the host is on your side

Exercise Host

Exercise Host - STACK

Sorry Tommy. The good news is the next video you co-host should turn out much better since the weight will bounce right off your new cast.

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