'Fight Factory' Reveals Gritty Side of MMA Fighter Life Style: Fan's Look

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In a recent episode of NuvoTV's "Fight Factory," Josh said that he is happy that he left AKA and he's not looking to return anytime soon.

"I left San Jose because of Javier Mendez," explained UFC veteran, Josh Koscheck, from the pilot seat of a small plane. "I used to drive that drive when I used to go to San Jose for eight flipping years."

If Josh is around, apparently, Javier isn't. At a social event, Javier's wife was asked why her husband wasn't there. "He doesn't want to get ambushed," she said.

Javier Mendez is the owner and head trainer of the American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, CA.

What caused this rift between Javier and Josh?

MMA Insider, Ariel Helwani, interviewed Javier about Josh saying that he hopes AKA "burns to the ground".

Javier admitted that he did something to cause this animosity between him and Josh. "Hey, we're not friends. He made that pretty obvious...We need to keep our team intact. Anybody that wants to go train with him, can go. I did something, but you're not going to hear it here. You have to watch it on the show ... I did something that I knew could cause a bad reaction. If I had to do it all over again, I probably wouldn't ... I created legit hate. I do regret it ... We're a bunch of misfits and a really close family." video

Back in February, MMAWeekly posted an article with Koscheck hinting at bad blood and disappointment brewing for a while before he finally made the split. In his comments, Josh placed the blame squarely on Javier's shoulders.

It sounds like fans will have to wait and see the action that he took. What was the final straw that broke the camel's back, resulting in Koscheck divorcing himself from the AKA gym in San Jose?

Do you have NuvoTV?

NuvoTV is like Fuel TV, not everyone has it. That's too bad because this new show, "Fight Factory" is hot. So far, the previews and episodes I've watched (on a courtesy link because I don't have nuvoTV) have been gritty and raw. At times, the stories the fighters tell almost feel too personal.

The preview showing Phil Baroni dealing with losing his match was tough enough, but then seeing his wife's reaction really pulled at my heart strings.

I miss the days when all the UFC shows were shown on one channel

From the press kit: On the two-hour series premiere of "Fight Factory", viewers received an inside look into the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) at the world-famous American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) in San Jose, CA and Dethrone Base Camp in Fresno, CA. From the fallout of Josh Koscheck leaving AKA to newcomer Gabe Carrasco's first pro fight, the cameras captured every personal & professional battle these fighters went through.

This week, Wayne Phillips, prepares for a crucial fight that will determine whether he will return to televised, UFC matches. Jon Fitch and his family visit Koscheck in Fresno. Koscheck shares his frustrations and makes some explosive comments about former coach Javier Mendez and AKA. Meanwhile, Phil Baroni travels to New York to visit his family and receives news that fuels his drive to train and fight harder than ever.

Episode 3: "Divide & Conquer" airs Wednesday, August 22 , at 10 p.m. ET/PT (9 p.m. CT) on nuvoTV.

Here's the storyline: "AKA is rocked by personal and professional battles as Wayne Phillips fights to stay respected in MMA, Jon Fitch is blindsided by ex-training partner, Josh Koscheck's enticing invitation to leave AKA, and Phil Baroni is humbled by his biggest fan."

Source: all sources noted, press kit info for "Fight Factory"

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