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Fight breakdown: Rich Franklin vs. Anderson Silva

Kevin Iole
Yahoo Sports

CINCINNATI – The following chart compares Anderson Silva and Rich Franklin on a rating of 1 to 10 in several categories heading into their middleweight championship fight at UFC 77 Saturday at U.S. Bank Arena:

Keys to victory
1. Stay standing: If he can keep the fight on his feet, Silva's power and quickness make him a solid favorite. 1. Ground work:. Franklin has a solid ground game and should take the first opportunity to hit the deck.

2. Work the clinch: Silva won the fight last time by besting Franklin in the clinch. 2. Double the jab: In the standup, Franklin can't allow Silva to fire at will. By doubling up on the jab, he can negate Silva's power and perhaps open something for himself.

3. Center it: Silva needs to keep the fight in the center of the ring and not allow himself to be trapped along the cage. 3. Use his kicks: Franklin needs to vary his attack and his powerful kicks are a significant weapon.

Rating the fighters
Comparison of champion Anderson Silva and challenger Rich Franklin.
on a rating of 1 to 10 in several categories:
Punching power 10 8 Silva may be the game's premier puncher.
Wrestling 7 7 Unlikely either man will be looking to wrestle.
Kicks 6 8 Franklin has the ability to hurt Silva with a kick.
Ground and
9 9 Each is a splendid finisher.
9 7 Silva's got a terrific takedown defense.
Chin 8 8 Each possesses the power to knock the other out.
Submissions 9 9 Franklin will probably try to get it to the ground and go for a tapout.
Stamina 9 8 Franklin trained at a high altitude to prepare for a five-round battle.
Strength 9 9 Silva appeared stronger in the first fight.
Intangibles 10 8 Silva has the confidence of a decisive victor.

Total 86 81 Franklin has undoubtedly made significant adjustments, particularly in dealing with the clinch. But Silva is a terrifically well-rounded fighter. Figure him to win by TKO in the fourth.

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