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Fight breakdown: Felix Trinidad vs. Roy Jones Jr

Kevin Iole
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Roy Jones Jr. will face Felix Trinidad on Saturday at New York's Madison Square Garden and on HBO Pay-Per-View. Here is what each man must do to win:

Keys to victory
1. Jab, jab, jab: Winky Wright beat Trinidad with this punch alone. 1. Cut off the ring: Trinidad can't afford to chase Jones in circles.

2. Make him pay: Trinidad often overcommits on his power punches. If he does, Jones must counter quickly. 2. High hands: This is one of the rare times Trinidad is facing someone who hits harder than he does.

3. Use the ring: Trinidad often follows a quick opponent around and doesn't cut off the ring. 3. Double hook: Jones has a tendency to relax after he's avoided one punch. Trinidad needs to come back with another left hook to take advantage.

4. Up and down: Jones should vary his attack and go both up and down. 4. Straight punches: Trinidad needs to keep things tight and create openings for Jones by firing wide, wild shots.

Rating the fighters
The following chart compares Roy Jones Jr. and Felix Trinidad in several key categories in their light heavyweight fight at New York's Madison Square Garden on Saturday night:
Punching power 9 8 Jones is more powerful at this weight.
Jab 10 7 Jones could win the fight with a jab if he wanted to.
Body attack 8 9 Trinidad will have to find a way to get inside to work Jones' body.
Speed and
9 7 Jones is not only bigger, but much quicker.
Defense 10 6 Trinidad is an inviting target.
Chin 7 7 Both are nearing the end of the line and their chins are getting more suspect.
Stamina 7 7 A question mark for both because of inactivity.
Ring smarts 9 8 Jones is a brilliant tactician.
Corner 7 6 Trinidad's father, Felix Sr., isn't good at adjusting during a fight.
Intangibles 7 10 After being humiliated by Winky Wright, Trinidad wants this badly. .

Total 83 75 Jones is simply too big and too quick for Trinidad. Expect a Jones victory with a stoppage likely.
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