Fight breakdown: Bisping-Evans

Kevin Iole
Yahoo! Sports

NEWARK, N.J. – Michael Bisping and Rashad Evans square off in the main event of UFC 78 at the Prudential Center in a light heavyweight pairing of winners on The Ultimate Fighter. Here is what each man must do to win:

Keys to victory
1. Stay standing: The fight completely favors Evans when it hits the ground. 1. Give angles: Evans has a tendency to square up while on his feet, a mistake he can't afford against Bisping.

2. Hook off the jab: Evans will be ready for a piston-like jab, but Bisping has to add in a hook that could catch Evans unaware. 2. Work on the floor: Evans undoubtedly will get Bisping down, but he needs to try to improve his position and not just keep him pinned.

3. Scramble: If he's taken down, Bisping needs to scramble as quickly as possible to get back to his feet. 3. Cut kicks: Evans can disrupt Bisping's standup by kicking at his legs.

4. Use his kicks: Bisping is a powerful kicker who needs to use his legs to keep Evans at a distance. 4. Start early: Evans was cautious against Tito Ortiz early; he needs to start quickly and put Bisping on the defensive, forcing Bisping to back up.

Rating the fighters
Comparison of Michael Bisping and Rashad Evans
on a rating of 1 to 10 in several categories:
Punching power 8 7 Evans is improving rapidly with his hands.
Wrestling 6 10 Evans wrestled at the Division I college level.
Kicks 8 8 Evans' head kick to Sean Salmon was spectacular.
Ground and
9 7 Bisping is a strong finisher.
5 9 Matt Hamill repeatedly took Bisping down.
Chin 8 8 Evans was able to withstand blows from heavyweights.
Submissions 8 7 The fight is unlikely to end in submission.
Stamina 9 9 Each man can go hard for five minutes a round.
Strength 7 9 Evans is powerful once he gets his hands on someone.
Intangibles 9 8 Bisping is determined to erase the doubts created in the Hamill fight.

Total 77 82 Bisping is a light heavyweight who can make middleweight; Evans is a light heavyweight who used to fight at heavyweight. Size is going to be an issue, and Evans figures to take Bisping down and stop him late via ground and pound.