FIFA Street -- Below Expectations: A Sports Video Game Review

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I play many sports video games, and when I find one that I really like, I look for similar games, especially within the same series. When I noticed that I could get EA Sports' FIFA Street, I made sure to get it as soon as I could. I liked FIFA 12 and its full-game features, but my son and I both really enjoyed its 5-on-5 street matches. I thought that FIFA Street would be even more fun because it is made purely as a street game. It has some features that I like in my sports video games, but I found the overall game lacking the same flare that I found in FIFA 12.


FIFA Street is available for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Prices vary depending on system and store, but I found a copy for Xbox 360 available from my game rental service, which also has a sale price for approximately $36.00.

Very good graphics and sounds

I like my sports games to have authentic graphics and sounds. In this regard, FIFA Street delivers. The various game venues range from realistic-looking indoor soccer fields to indoor and outdoor basketball courts and alleyways between buildings. Close-ups of the players look as real as I have seen in a video game as I would expect from EA Sports. Even the wide-angle shots show the players in good detail.

I especially liked the game sounds. I could very clearly hear the instructions that the players shout to each other such as looking for the open man and getting back on defense. The fans in the crowd shout their pleasures at good plays and frustrations at bad ones. To me, realistic graphics and sounds make the game more authentic.

Game play less than stellar

The game play disappointed me. I may have compared this game too much to FIFA 12, but I expected the game players to move faster than they do. Even for a small field, I felt that it took too much time for the players to get from one end to another. The fields are too small. I prefer to have the players spread out on a larger field so I can plan a strategy, make passes, and get my players downfield for return passes. In this game, the fields are so small that the players tend to bunch together, making it difficult to dribble, pass, and shoot through the crowd.

Slow button reactions

The most disappointing thing about this game is the slow button reaction time. The players do not follow the commands as I press the button; it may take a full second before the player performs the desired action. For example, on Xbox 360, the X and Y buttons both command the defender to steal the ball. On offense, X shoots and Y passes. Far too often as I try to steal, the player does not respond to the button right away. The computer player will tap the ball. My defender then -- rather than stealing and controlling the ball -- will try to pass or shoot it toward no one in particular. I know that better control of the players would come with more practice, but the annoying response time makes me not want to play enough to learn that better control.

Low rating but not giving up on series

I give FIFA Street two goals out of five. I may not have liked it very much, but I will still try later editions as I have the opportunity. Perhaps they will recapture my interest. I will certainly try EA Sports' FIFA 13 as it becomes available in late September of 2012.


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Raymond grew up in the days of Atari and watched the progression of home video game consoles. He has played sports games on most consoles and personal computers as they became available. He now owns multiple game systems and enjoys most professional sports games. Follow Raymond on Twitter @RayBureau

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