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Fantasy NBA: What Are the Implications for the Pacers If They Acquire Chris Kaman?

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Chris Kaman still has a lot of talent. He's never been particularly athletic, so it would be naive and stereotypical of someone to say that his injuries have robbed him of anything, really. He still can score when at his best, and his ambidextrous skills and awkward yet impressive coordination around the basket have rendered him an effective post scorer who is capable of drawing double teams.

The Pacers could use a player like that, especially since they've been pressed into using power forward Louis Almondson as their backup center, when he is truly just a power forward with above average shot blocking capabilities. Tyler Hansbrough, also a true power forward, has seen a lot of backup center minutes, as well.

Chris Kaman would give the Pacers' second unit a legit threat, someone who could draw attention away and leave a lot of open looks for the likes of George Hill and Hansbrough in the second unit for the Pacers.

Ideally, though, I could see Kaman even finishing a lot of games, while Hibbert sits. I realize Hibbert is an All-Star, but Kaman has a lot more experience and if he were having a good night, I could see him getting the crunch time minutes. But what I am really hinting at is that the situation at center could become far more of a time share, which would greatly diminish the value of Roy Hibbert.

Hibbert is nearly averaging a double double (13.1 points per game, 9.6 rebounds per game) and has been one of the better fantasy centers. He's played about right on par with his ADP, so it would be hard to really call it a true breakout year, but if Kaman comes aboard, I could see Hibbert's scoring fall 1.5 points per game, while his rebounding may trail off as low as 8.0 per game. There's not really a time for a 7 footer like Kaman and a 7'2" behemoth like Hibbert to share the court, so it likely wouldn't have much an effect on the playing time of power forward David West.

The front court would go from insufficient to crowded with the addition of only one player, because Hansbrough's minutes would decrease and Almondson would likely no longer play any at all.

Kaman's numbers would likely remain the same, so really, you're only looking at a move that hurts other players. I could see George Hill benefitting from Kaman's presence the most, as he'll get better looks and improve his field goal percentage, but other than Hill most of the Pacers players are going to experience regression in their stats with the addition of another talented player like Kaman.

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