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Fantasy Football Fool's Gold: 15 Players Not to Overreach For

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Top 10 Fantasy Football Takeaways from Week 8

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Top 10 Fantasy Football Takeaways from Week 8

The two biggest elements in having a successful fantasy football draft are getting value and being flexible with your strategy. Below is a list of 15 players whose average draft position is higher than it should be. Basically, they are getting drafted too early. While these players are overrated for a wide number of reasons, the bottom line is simply that their risk outweighs their potential reward.

1) Ryan Mathews (RB San Diego Chargers): A huge injury risk, I've seen him drafted as early as fourth overall. This offense will miss Jackson and Tolbert too.

2) Maurice Jones Drew (RB Jacksonville Jaguars): This holdout is getting ugly. MJD has carried a butt load in recent years.

3) Chris Johnson (RB Tennessee Titans): I just can't shake what I saw out of him last year -- after he got paid.

4) Adrian Peterson (RB Minnesota Vikings): Could be slowed in his return to 100%. Toby Gerhart should see his share of carries.

5) Trent Richardson (RB Cleveland Browns): I can't think of any Cleveland Brown worthy of my first round pick, other than Jim Brown.

6) Marshawn Lynch (RB Seattle Seahawks): I just don't see beast mode going off all that often.

7) Brandon Marshall (WR Chicago Bears): I'd prefer other options to my WR1 playing in the windy city come playoff time.

8) Jordy Nelson (WR Green Bay Packers): I've seen him taken as the fourth overall wideout -- that's just too soon for a WR2.

9) Michael Vick (QB Philadelphia Eagles): If he can't give himself up in the preseason, what will happen when it counts?

10) Mike Wallace (WR Pittsburgh Steelers): I like Mike, but Antonio may be a better option and Ben knows it.

11) Peyton Manning (QB Denver Broncos): Peyton's numbers have always been down outside of the dome and he only gets one dome game this season.

12) Fred Davis (TE Washington Redskins): He is one puff away from a year suspension and I need more than one good season to reach for this character.

13) Demaryius Thomas (WR Denver Broncos): This guy has great raw skills but his stock has risen too high, too fast.

14) Jamaal Charles (RB Kansas City Chiefs): Like AP, this guy has a strong counterpart (Peyton Hillis) and is coming back from a serious injury.

15) Robert Griffin III (QB Washington Redskins): People are expecting near Cam numbers and I know those have happened exactly once.

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