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Fantasy Football Focus: A Detailed Look at the Quarterback Position

Expert Advice from Brian Music - 2011 Inaugural Toyota Legends of Fantasy Football Hall of Fame Member

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Fantasy managers are constantly trying to determine which players to own for their fantasy teams. And everyone has a different opinion with these rankings. Some look very short-term and rely heavily upon the weekly rankings found all over the internet (including my own rankings that I release on Yahoo! Sports each week). Others are more long-term and are willing to overlook short term injuries, bye weeks, and tough weekly matchups in order to own their highest ranked players. I personally utilize both, but definitely lean toward the long-term. I spend a lot of time looking at weekly NFL matchups weeks down the line (particularly my fantasy league's playoff weeks). But to help me make some of my decisions, I always take a look backwards to help with some of my future decisions for starting lineups, player trades, and player waiver and free agency pickups. While I fully understand that past results do not guarantee future returns. But it can be a very dependable indicator.

With that being said, here are the statistics that I think are important pertaining to the quarterback position through Week 9 of the NFL season.

FANTASY POINTS (Yahoo! point system):

1) Aaron Rodgers GB (206.52); 2) Robert Griffin III (194.72); 3) Drew Brees NO (185.86); 4) Peyton Manning DEN (171.16); 5) Tom Brady NE (170.52); 6) Matt Ryan ATL (169.70); 7) Andrew Luck IND (154.96); 8) Ben Roethlisberger PIT (150.52); 9) Matthew Stafford DET (148.42); 10) Carson Palmer OAK (147.00); 11) Cam Newton CAR (145.38); 12) Josh Freeman TB (144.98); 13) Michael Vick PHI (140.80); 14) Andy Dalton CIN (139.90); and 15) Eli Manning NYG (136.74).


1) Drew Brees NO (2,549); 2) Eli Manning NYG (2,426); 3) Tom Brady NE (2,408); 4-tie) Andrew Luck IND and Peyton Manning DEN (2,404); 6) Tony Romo DAL (2,394); 7) Matthew Stafford DET (2,393); 8) Aaron Rodgers GB (2,383); 9) Matt Ryan ATL (2,360); 10) Carson Palmer OAK (2,355); 11) Ben Roethlisberger PIT (2,203); 12) Andy Dalton CIN (2,130); 13) Michael Vick PHI (2,095); 14) Brandon Weeden CLE (2,088); 15) Josh Freeman TB (2,047).


1) Aaron Rodgers GB (25); 2) Drew Brees NO (22); 3) Peyton Manning DEN (20); 4) Matt Ryan ATL (17); 5-tie) Ben Roethlisberger PIT, Tom Brady NE, and Josh Freeman TB (16); 8) Ryan Fitzpatrick (15); 9) Andy Dalton CIN (14); 10-tie) Carson Palmer OAK and Russell Wilson SEA (13); 12-tie) Philip Rivers SD, Eli Manning NYG, Matt Schaub HOU, Jay Cutler CHI, and Alex Smith SF (12).


1) Robert Griffin III (529); 2) Cam Newton CAR (347); 3) Michael Vick PHI (300); 4) Aaron Rodgers GB (162); 5) Russell Wilson SEA (155); 6) Andrew Luck IND (148); 7) Matt Cassel KC (133); 8) Alex Smith SF (129); 9) Christian Ponder MIN (127); and 10) Colin Kaepernick SF (111).


1) Robert Griffin III (6); 2) Cam Newton CAR (4); 3-tie) Andrew Luck IND and Matthew Stafford DET (3); 5-tie) Tom Brady NE and Colin Kaepernick SF (2); 7-tie) 12 Players (1).

Brian Music is one of five inaugural inductees to the 2011 Toyota Legends of Fantasy Football Hall of Fame on Yahoo! Sports. He has participated in fantasy football for 23 years and began playing Yahoo! fantasy football in 2001, winning trophies in 17 of the 25 leagues that he has played (including 9 League Championships), and placing in the Top 3 in Fantasy Points in 23 of the 25 leagues.

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