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Fan's Opinion: Is Now the Time to Grab DeAngelo Williams for Fantasy Owners?

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DeAngelo Williams has always been an explosive running back and the Carolina Panthers appeared to be aware of that when they signed him to a long term deal. Now, it appears that he may be expendable if the right offer comes along. The Carolina Panthers have three high priced running backs and Williams has been the odd man out the last couple of weeks. The idea of a trade seemed crazy at one point, but now it makes perfect sense. With this potential trade, DeAngelo Williams could also become sizzling hot on the waiver wire for fantasy football owners. Should they grab him now in advance of any possible trade?

Is he available on the wire?

In the four leagues I am in, Williams is available in each of them. I am grabbing him up and waiting since I have some flexible spots in my lineup. I can afford to sit on him for a week and see what comes of it. If Williams ends up being traded to a team like the Green Bay Packers, he would suddenly have a ton of value. Especially for a value pick.

Who might want him?

Most any team would want him, but the most likely places I can think of would be Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Indianapolis or Arizona. Any one of those places would certainly improve their situations by having him. From a fantasy perspective, I would think he would be awesome in any of those spots as well. Denver might also want him but that would be a situation similar to Carolina with the carries.

Can DeAngelo still carry the load?

In the right offense, I am certain that he could. Williams is a guy that has to have multiple touches to get in sync with the game. In fact, most running backs needs some time to get going. Williams is a guy that if he gets enough touches, he will break one eventually. That said, he could still be a great running back in the right system. I would love to see him in Green Bay or in Pittsburgh personally. He would be awesome in either place and the guy deserves some success.

I would say that picking up DeAngelo right now is a decent move if you have the roster room to do so without losing anyone vital. This is also a good move if you are hurting at running back in any way. The risk is worth the potential reward and that is especially so if you are only sacrificing a back up tight end or something.

Source--Yahoo Sports Stats Page

*Southern is a huge Carolina Panthers fan that is convinced that he will see a Super Bowl Trophy in Charlotte within five years.

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