Fan Take: Watch Soccer Station "beIN SPORT" Online for Free Until August 15

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My "soccer on TV" posts that I try to pump out twice a week aren't just about generating page views or completing some busy work while I have a movie or TV on in the background. I'm very passionate about football/soccer, and the hope is that readers will stumble upon such a piece and thus watch a game or two that they otherwise wouldn't have even known was on TV. I have received requests about such posts in the past, such as adding all available Spanish language channels, and even including Canadian channels in those articles. One person recently asked me to include the beIN SPORT channel in my next piece.

I would, but I can't get that channel. In fact, I'm fairly positive that nobody I know can as of the typing of this piece.

For those who aren't aware, beIN SPORT is this country's new soccer channel. More accurately, it is made up of two different channels, one that's English language and one that's Spanish language. According to the channel's official website, beIN SPORT will broadcast La Liga, Serie A, and Ligue 1 matches, South American World Cup Qualifiers, Copa del Rey games, and the station will also be the home of Barca TV.

The station is set to be officially launched on Wednesday, August 15. Regardless of whether or not your television provider already offers or plans to offer beIN SPORT, you can enjoy a free online preview of the station until August 15. All you have to do is visit the official beIN SPORT website and then click the "Watch beIN SPORT LIVE" button that's found at the top right corner of the homepage.

One significant reason you will want to check beIN SPORT out over the next two weeks is that the website will be showing live soccer games up until August 15. I have thus far watched two live games this weekend, including PSG vs. Barcelona, and I have to say that I am very impressed with the product I have seen. For starters, the video quality was just as good as what is provided by the ESPN3/Watch ESPN service. It's also worth noting that beIN SPORT didn't just go out and get two random guys to call matches. Phil Schoen has been joined by the always entertaining Ray Hudson. That duo is, for my money, right up there among the best of the best in world football.

While I wouldn't necessarily compare beIN SPORT to FOX Soccer or even FOX Soccer Plus, the new kid on the block is hardly one to be ignored. The station will feature the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG and Juventus this season. Depending on your favorite club(s) and where you live, beIN SPORT could prove to be your soccer savior, especially if you cannot access the ESPN3/Watch ESPN service for whatever reasons.

As of the first Saturday in August, the Internet is my only option for viewing beIN SPORT. As usual whenever these situations arise, viewers are being asked to contact their TV providers about having beIN SPORT as an available channel. The station's website has contact information for over a dozen TV providers listed at the bottom of the homepage, and you can also contact television providers by first filling in the information found in two boxes that are located above the "Get beIN SPORT" button that is currently on the channel's homepage.

Now that I have done that, I'm going to check out the Arsenal vs. Manchester City replay that is (at 4:00 pm ET on August 4) airing on the beIN SPORT website.

For more: Visit the beIN SPORT website, beIN SPORT USA Facebook page, beIN SPORT USA Twitter page

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