Fan Opinion: Can Michael Vick Survive an Entire Season?

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Fan Opinion:  Can Michael Vick Survive an Entire Season?

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Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick should be back on track and better than ever for this battle against …

Michael Vick, once the most invincible player in the NFL, is far from unbreakable since joining the Philadelphia Eagles. Vick does not have the speed or the agility he once had while owning NFL defenses as the Atlanta Falcons quarterback.

The problem with Vick as the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback is that he still believes he can make the moves he made in his prime with the Falcons. Vick has to understand his body is older and he is more vulnerable than when he first arrived in the NFL.

Vick's offensive line is not helping matters much. The Eagles offensive line allowed the Cleveland Browns and the Baltimore Ravens defenses to run over them in the first two games and Michael Vick paid the price in both brutal games.

Head coach Andy Reid can help Vick by mixing in more play-action passes and allowing LeSean McCoy to establish the running game. McCoy can give the Eagles and Vick the breathing room needed to let Michael Vick be Michael Vick.

Passing in the pocket for Vick always proves difficult but Vick will never develop into a top NFL quarterback if he never stands in the pocket and fires. Vick, once dangerous because of his potential to bolt and run at a moment's notice, is now confused as he attempts to make his coaches happy.

Vick's problems are not all his own. Play calling by Andy Reid is always a discussion among Philadelphia Eagles fans and this season is no different. The Eagles amassed 456 total yards against the Browns but scored only 17 points. Reid accepts some of the responsibility for Vick's shortcomings early in the season but soon Vick will have to be himself.

If Vick does go back to the freewheeling No. 7 that the Eagles fans want to see how long will he last? Vick is already wearing a flak jacket to protect his ribs and it is a matter a time before he injures another important part of his body.

The answer to the question, "Will Michael Vick survive the entire season?" Vick will only survive if he manages himself and the offense. If Vick tries to play it safe though, he is more likely to end up on the injured reserve list than if he goes all out and returns to his NFL MVP form with the Falcons.

*Todd Jacobs lives in Las Vegas but has been a Philadelphia Eagles fan since the '70s. Members of Todd's family were devout Eagles fans and he had little choice but to follow the Eagles from an early age.


Reid Knows Vick Needs to Improvement:

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