FA Cup semifinal soured by Millwall hooligans

April 13, 2013
FA Cup semifinal soured by Millwall hooligans

The FA Cup semifinal between Wigan and Millwall at Wembley has been tarnished by fighting and hooliganism by a small minority of fans from the London club.

The trouble had been brewing for much of the second half but intensified shortly after Latics attacker Callum McManaman handed Roberto Martinez’s side a two-goal lead with barely 10 minutes remaining in the match.

A small cluster of Millwall fans, a club notorious for its hooligan firms, began fighting between themselves, but the conflict quickly spread across the Millwall section of the stadium.

There were fists flying and bloodied faces in the crowd, with a general air of panic amongst the innocent bystanders trying to avoid the violence.

Police attempted to intervene and were met with vicious resistance, with riot helmets flung through the air.

The violence should be attributed to small minority of fans, with many Millwall supporters escaping the fighting before applauding their defeated side’s efforts at the end of the match.

But the scenes, the most bloodied in the short history of the new Wembley Stadium, will sour an otherwise engaging and fairly contested on-field match which saw Wigan progress to the final of the FA Cup.