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New England Patriots: Is Anyone Blaming Tom Brady?

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COMMENTARY | The New England Patriots finally registered their first loss of the season at the hands of the Cincinnati Bengals. They have had more than their fair share of issues, but the Patriots were still somehow able to find a way to start 4-0. Finally, the team met their match against a Bengals team with a more than capable defense.

New England was held without a touchdown, which is a surprise for a usually potent offensive unit led by Tom Brady. Without a doubt, there has been plenty of blame to go around. It all started with losing Wes Welker in the offseason, then moved on to Rob Gronkowski's injury woes and Aaron Hernandez's legal problems. With Danny Amendola hurt for a few weeks, the blame fell largely on the young receivers trying to work into a comfort zone.

Is anyone blaming Tom Brady yet?

I know, I know; it's blasphemous for Patriots fans to pin anything on Brady. He's certainly earned the benefit of the doubt over the course of his career, but it's getting to a point where some fault should be placed on the quarterback.

The weather at the end of the game was a factor, as was the talented Cincinnati defense. However, Brady's interception at the end of the game was just awful. It didn't seem to be the product of bad route running, simply a poor throw that didn't give his receiver a chance to make a play. Yet, it still seems like the story line is the play of New England's receiving crew.

At what point does Brady get some blame?

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Sure, Rob Gronkowski will help. Getting Amendola back into the fold on a regular basis is important. The young receivers will grow throughout the year. At a certain point, however, a Hall of Fame quarterback needs to make sure an offense is putting up points. Tom Brady did not do this against the Bengals, and it appears to be a lingering issue with this struggling New England offense. Luckily, the team's defense has been good enough to keep them in games.

It's important not to overreact to one bad game against a good defense, but it's something to think about. When does Brady start to feel the heat from the media and the fans? Will it ever happen?

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