Eight Reasons It's Better to Be Buffalo Bills Fan Than a New York Jets Fan

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Eight Reasons It's Better to Be Buffalo Bills Fan Than a New York Jets Fan

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Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets in the team's New York Titans throwback uniform.

COMMENTARY | Both the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets enter their Week 2 showdown with 1-1 records, having each lost a close game to the New England Patriots to go with their respective wins. With both the Patriots and Miami Dolphins sitting at 2-0, it is not a stretch to say that both the Bills and Jets need a win in Week 3 to avoid falling too far behind in the ultra-competitive AFC East.

Not only will the game have big implications for the players on the field, it will also have implications for the fans of the two teams watching. Considering that the Bills and Jets are in relatively close proximity to one another, there is some overlap between the fan bases, especially in Upstate New York. Luckily for Bills fans, not only should their squad take care of business on the field, being a Bills fan is just generally better than being a Jets fan. Here are the eight reasons why:

1. Your Team Actually Plays in New York

Not that there's necessarily anything wrong with New Jersey, but holding yourself out as being from a particular state should mean something. MetLife Stadium, the home of the Jets and Giants, is comfortably situated in East Rutherford, New Jersey. As a result, the Bills are left to be "New York's Team" by default.

2. You Are Not in Big Brother's Shadow

Speaking of the Giants, it must be difficult for Jets fans to walk around the streets of New York City with much confidence considering their lack of relative success compared to their big brother. The Giants have won two recent Super Bowls, while the Jets have made fools of themselves time and time again. To be sure, the Bills have not had a ton of recent success, but at least you don't see Bills fans jumping ship to root for a better team that plays in the same stadium.

3. You Don't Have to Justify Crazy Things Rex Ryan Says and Does

New Bills head coach Doug Marrone is a man of few words. He generally keeps things close to the vest and avoids any controversy with the media. If you were to take the exact opposite of the preceding two sentences you would have Rex Ryan. Whether it be about guaranteeing Super Bowls, making obscene gestures, yelling about quarterback decisions, or dealing with women's feet, it seems like there is always something embarrassing out there about Rex that Jets fans have to explain away.

4. Your Team's Leadership is Unifed

Speaking of Rex and quarterbacks, it seems like every year the Jets leadership is not on the same page with respect to some quarterback decision. Whether it involve Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow or Geno Smith, there is always some sense of dissension. While the Bills may not always have the right guy for the job (I'm looking at you J.P. Losman), at least the team is generally on the same page on who that guy is.

5. No Fireman Ed

Fireman Ed, the Jets' unofficial mascot who used to lead one of the most annoying chants in sports ("J.E.T.S. Jets! Jets! Jets!), was bad enough by himself. When, in typical Jets fashion, he gets into a dispute with other Jets fans and quits in a tantrum? It's another reason why it's not fun being a Jets fan.

6. Your Throwback Uniforms Actually Look Cool

The Bills have one of the most majestic throwback uniforms in all of sports. The white helmet with the red standing buffalo will always be one of the coolest looking pieces of equipment ever made. One couldn't be faulted for saying the Bills' thrilling Week 2 come-from-behind win against the Carolina Panthers was made that much better by them wearing the throwbacks. On the other hand, when the Jets decide to wear throwback uniforms, fans end up unsure what team they are even watching.

7. Your Team is on the Way Up

Between the Sanchez drama and the fact that the rest of the offense is in shambles, it is difficult to see how the Jets can quickly get back into contention in the AFC East shark tank. In contrast, the Bills have new coaches, a new quarterback and some of the most explosive players in the league in C.J. Spiller and Mario Williams. For fans, it is much better to know you are going to have a chance to see a playoff team in the near future as opposed to having to wait through a rebuilding phase (as Bills fans know).

8. Your Team Cares About Winning and Not Cheap Marketing Ploys

Did somebody mention Tim Tebow?

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