ECS partners with Genius Sports, gets Esports Bet Monitoring System

Astralis won the ECS Season 2 finals. (FaceIt)
Astralis won the ECS Season 2 finals. (FaceIt)

Update 3:15PM PST: Genius Sports has issued further clarification of how its bet monitoring system works. We’ve update the story to reflect this.

The original story follows below.

Esports organization FaceIt has announced new partnerships for its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league, the Esports Champion Series.

FaceIt has announced a partnership with Genius Sports, a sports data technology and integrity service. The platform will be integrated with ECS in the lead up to Season 3 via an Esports Bet Monitoring System. This system will monitor the betting market in real-time and alert ECS to “unusual market platforms.”

As part of this, Genius Sports will be introduce ing a CS:GO analytics platform with real-time, data-driven predictions. According to the announcement, these new features were introduced in response to concerns about match fixing and skin betting. This data is monitored using a system that is based on Genius Sports’ own monitoring solution for gambling markets for traditional sports including the English Premier League and FIBA.

ECS will be partnering with esports venue and production company Esports Arena to broadcast the online segment of ECS Season 3 live from the Esports Arena studio in Santa Ana. The venue’s location will also provide opportunities for meet and greets, LAN matches, and other side activities for attendees.

The first broadcast from the new studio will run April 14 with the start of Season 3.

In related news, FaceIt recently announced the venue for its ECS Season 3 finals. Check out our full article for more information, including how to purchase tickets.

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