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Eagles Back Below Top 10 of NFL Power Rankings: A Fan’s Analysis

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The Philadelphia Eagles have been hovering in and out of the top 10 of the NFL power rankings all year. Eagles fans like myself will have a hard time ranking them high regardless, until they win a game without needing a last minute comeback. But since Philadelphia couldn't do that in Week 5, it is back to the outside of the power rankings elite going into Week 6.

The Eagles are lucky that not many other clubs are doing too well, aside from the very best. The Houston Texans and Atlanta Falcons now lead the way as the only two unbeaten teams left, while the San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens safely round out the top 5. Aside from that, the rankings are anyone's guess.

My best guess has the Eagles down to No. 11, with the Pittsburgh Steelers jumping over them after narrowly beating them on Oct. 7 - despite still having a worse record. On the other hand, the Green Bay Packers also have to round out the top 10 despite now being 2-3 - although their reputation can't bail them out forever.

The Eagles remain in first place via a tiebreaker over the New York Giants, yet the Giants have to be ranked higher after their late explosion over the Cleveland Browns. However, that is subject to change again with the Giants visiting the scorching 49ers on Oct. 14.

The Eagles' position in the NFL power rankings has hardly been constant. Yet it has been somewhere between the bottom of the top 5 and just below the top 10 most every week. There are far worse places to be, but Philadelphia would prefer to be in a better one - and if its late game luck really is running out, it will be in a worse place soon.

With the Eagles hosting the desperate 1-3 Detroit Lions on Oct. 14, a win - even a decisive win - may not move them too far up the rankings before their bye week. At the least, it is less noteworthy than it would have been to beat the Steelers on the road.

But thanks to a last-second Pittsburgh field goal and another couple of Michael Vick errors, the Birds are on the outside of the elite again. Below, my full Week 6 NFL power rankings show how far out they are this time.

1. Houston Texans: 5-0

2. Atlanta Falcons: 5-0

3. San Francisco 49ers: 4-1

4. Baltimore Ravens: 4-1

5. New England Patriots: 3-2

6. Chicago Bears: 4-1

7. New York Giants: 3-2

8. Arizona Cardinals: 4-1

9. Pittsburgh Steelers: 2-2

10. Green Bay Packers: 2-3

11. Philadelphia Eagles: 3-2

12. Minnesota Vikings: 4-1

13. Cincinnati Bengals: 3-2

14. Dallas Cowboys: 2-2

15. San Diego Chargers: 3-2

16. Seattle Seahawks: 3-2

17. Denver Broncos: 2-3

18. St. Louis Rams: 3-2

19. Detroit Lions: 1-3

20. Indianapolis Colts: 2-2

21. Washington Redskins: 2-3

22. Miami Dolphins: 2-3

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 1-3

24. New York Jets: 2-3

25. Buffalo Bills: 2-3

26. Carolina Panthers: 1-4

27. New Orleans Saints: 1-4

28. Oakland Raiders: 1-3

29. Tennessee Titans: 1-4

30. Kansas City Chiefs: 1-4

31. Jacksonville Jaguars: 1-4

32. Cleveland Browns: 0-5

Robert Dougherty is a life-long Philadelphia resident who has followed the Eagles since he was eight years old.

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