Domonic Brown Injury Could Keep Him Away from Phillies: A Fan's View

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There has been a lot of talk about the Philadelphia Phillies calling up Domonic Brown. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that will happen anytime soon.

According to reports, the promising prospect aggravated an injury to his left knee. Pending further evaluation, it looks like Brown will miss a little more time. He has already dealt with hamstring and knee injuries this season, so this setback keeps him a little further from joining the team. Hopefully everything will be OK, but I don't see Brown taking the field at Citizens Bank Park in the near future.

Brown has been a hot topic among Phillies fans for years. He has been regarded as the best prospect in the organization for the last few seasons but hasn't been able to break through at the major league level. He struggled during his few attempts in the big leagues and flopped this spring when he tried out in left field. Fans like me have been itching to see the Phillies do something with Brown. They have resisted trading him in the past and that has only increased expectations. Given the way the Phillies have struggled so far in 2012, many believe that this is the time to see what Brown can do for the team.

In recent games, Brown has thrived after moving to center field. He has been decent at the position and even better at the plate. That is a good sign for Phillies fans since we can be almost certain that Shane Victorino won't be back after this season. It would be great to see Brown join the team and play a little bit at center field and left field throughout the remainder of 2012. After that, we should know if he is ready to take over for Victorino in 2013. But after the injury news, everything is up in the air. Knee issues are nothing to be messed around with, especially given his prior history.

With any luck, Brown will be okay. Perhaps the injury isn't as serious and he will only miss a few games. I hope that is the case because I would hate to see his progress be hindered because of injury. Hopefully, only a few games of rest will be required and Brown can resume playing. Provided that is the case, he could still be on track to join the Phillies sooner rather than later.

* - Mark Paul is a Philadelphia resident and lifelong Phillies fan.

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