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What Does the Blue Star of the Dallas Cowboys Mean to You?

Creator of the Famous Cowboys Logo Died Last Week

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COMMENTARY | Go walk around somewhere in your neighborhood or nearest grocery store, walk up to some random strangers and ask them one question.

What does the Dallas Cowboys' star mean to you?

I bet if you asked that question to 100 people, perhaps 85-90 of them would say something along the lines of, "It's just a star," or, "Cowboys suck," and maybe even, "Why are you asking me this? Get away from me or I'll call the police."

Those other 10 people may actually have to think about it for a moment. Maybe some would respond with, "Why was it just a star?" Or maybe they'd suggest that there should've been another logo besides the star.

But let's think about this for a second: Would the Dallas Cowboys truly be who they were, and are, if it wasn't for that blue star?

Jack Eskirdge died at the age of 89 this past week. You're probably thinking to yourself, "Who in the world is that? And why should I care?"

To Cowboys fans, he's considered one of the greatest, even though many don't know who he was. He's the one who created the blue star that we see today on the helmets of each Dallas player, and at midfield inside Cowboys Stadium, and was during the years of Texas Stadium.

Most of you are probably looking at this and going, "Anybody could've done that. A third grader could've done it. Why is he so special?" Well, if anyone else could've done it, why didn't they?

If anybody could've done anything else with that logo, why didn't they? Exactly my point.

Everywhere you go, when you see a blue star, you immediately think of the Dallas Cowboys. It just is what it is.

The Dallas Cowboys' logo may look simple, but deep inside that shade of blue, it represents a sense of the good, the bad and the downright ugly that Cowboys fans have endured over the last 50-plus years.

Allow me to get sentimental for a moment.

Despite the good and the bad that the Cowboys have endured, the one thing that has always remained constant is the bond of every Dallas fan, young and old.

It's not called "America's Team" for nothing. The simplicity of the star represents everything within the organization. The star's simplicity represents the glory years with Roger Staubach and Tom Landry. It represents how close this team was in the '80s with Danny White. It represents the glory years with Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin.

And all the way up to 2013, it represents Tony Romo, Dez Bryant and DeMarcus Ware.

The edges of the star represent the decades of fans that have stood with this team through the final years of Landry's days as head coach, Jerry Jones' headache-ensuing decision making, and even Jason Garrett's unfathomable play calling.

Yet through it all, Dallas fans still stay strong together, and go into the next year with the same faith that, maybe, the sixth Super Bowl will come. Everyone goes in saying that, "Maybe this is the year No. 6 will finally get here." And when it doesn't happen, we all hold our collective breath and go, "Well, maybe next year."

It gets tiresome for everyone. After every loss, fans rush to the comment boards on ESPN Dallas and say things like, "Time to get rid of Romo," or, "Jerry Jones needs to stop thinking." It happens every week. Don't act like you haven't done it once or twice.

But it's the fan in us and how proud we are to be associated with that blue star that strives us to be the best fans in the world. And when we are, die-hard or bandwagon, it's a lot of fun. Every interception that Romo throws, we curse together. Every touchdown Dez catches, we all cheer and hug each other.

Or we give a high five if you're sweating too much and you reek of alcohol, but that's beside the point.

The point is, we're proud to be fans of the Dallas Cowboys. And we're proud to have so many haters who come at us every week and say that their team is better than ours.

But the fans are brought together by one common thing: That blue star. That's what makes a Dallas Cowboys fan who they are.

And despite everything, we're proud to be one.

Danny Webster is a featured columnist for the Dallas Cowboys. You can get in contact with him by following @DannyWebster21 on Twitter.

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