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Dodgers Win Fifth Straight: Fan Reaction

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The Los Angeles Dodgers are rolling, and the four-game losing streak in mid-July is long forgotten. On July 23, the Blue Crew won their fifth straight game and is now 4-0 on their road trip. Chad Billingsley is back, and perhaps his performance will give the Dodgers some confidence in his ability down the stretch. Will the winning streak continue?

Offensive production

The big bats of Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier did not exactly dominate in this game, but the Dodgers have been getting some timely hitting during their winning streak. On July 22 it was catcher Matt Treanor. In this game, it was shortshop Luis Cruz hitting an unusual three-run home run to lead the Dodger offense. Overall, it is starting to feel like April again, and the Dodgers are playing a balanced game.

A solid performance

Throughout his career Chad Billingsley has been a bit of a puzzle. At times he looks really good, and his stuff can be that of an ace. However, he also has stretches where he seems to lose his way. When you are building a club like the Dodgers, you need consistency from your starting pitching and the club hopes that Billingsley will rebound now that he is off the DL. At 5-9 with a 4.15 ERA, he isn't exactly having a dominating season. This is part of the reason that the Dodgers are shopping for pitching.

Shopping around

I don't know if I would make any major changes to this club. Overall, they just need to stay healthy. If Kemp, Ethier and Ellis can stay on the field, the offense should be fine. In addition, Dee Gordon should be back soon. A fifth starter would be nice, but Los Angeles should not surrender too much in the prospect department. The pitchers that are available are good, but not necessarily great. At this point, Ryan Dempster may go to the Braves and Matt Garza appears to be lacking in health.

Let's see how far this team can go with the current roster.


The author grew up in Seattle and is ultimately loyal to the Mariners, but now lives in Los Angeles and also roots for Dodger Blue. You can follow him on Twitter @tpheifer.

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