Disturbed Fan Heaves Explosive at Injured Player: Fan's Take

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An Anorthosis player was receiving treatment from a medical staff during a match against Omonia Nicosia in Cyprus on Sunday when a frustrated fan threw an explosive directly at the downed player. Medical staff and players went scampering away when the smoking object hit the pitch.

The explosion appeared to cause more terror than physical harm. No one was seriously injured in the explosion, but play was halted for about 10 minutes. About a month ago, another explosion occurred on the pitch during an Italian league match, but that explosion went off harmlessly in the corner of the pitch, away from any players.

There seems to be some debate if the downed player was ever really hurt at all. That doesn't matter and it doesn't justify in any way what the disturbed fan did.

When the news of this event broke, all the reporting said an explosive was heaved at the injured player on the ground, not a firecracker. There's a big difference between a firecracker and an explosive. An explosive sounds more dramatic. From the video it obviously looks like some sort of firecracker. There was so much smoke coming off the thing, that's what made all the players and medical staff do a stop, drop and roll move away from the area.

Last week, during a Leeds match, a goalkeeper was attacked by an idiotic fan, now we have a fan throwing a firecracker at a player that's lying on the ground injured. What is happening to football fans around the world? Are they drinking an extra pitcher of brew before matches or taking something that's making them do bold, dangerous things for the gratification of some attention.

Football fans have always been passionate, but this isn't passion, this is something different that could lead to something tragic, like a player's death or a stampede in some stadium, leading to lots of injuries or even possible fatalities.

Never have there been two acts by fans so close together that were so brazenly insane. Both were awful acts, but to heave something that could explode at an injured player is extremely disturbing. That crosses a line that security and police officers need to take very seriously.

If this disturbed moron gets away with doing this, what is a fan looking for attention going to do next? After what happened last week, and now this, it seems like the violent acts by fans keep getting more and more troubling.

David has been an Arsenal fan for nearly a decade.

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