Did Russia try to hide its loss to USA?

SOCHI, Russia The Russian fans were quite gracious in the aftermath of the Americans' epic shootout victory over their men’s hockey team on Saturday.

The tech wizards at the Bolshoy Ice Dome? Nyet.

The Olympic hockey palace has been putting the final scores of games on its roof at night, complete with dazzling lights and colored flags. Here is how it looked following Canada's 6-0 win over Austria:

But Saturday night brought no such acknowledgment of the United States' 3-2 win over the home team, as the roof showed an abstract and bland pattern of moving shapes.

Chants of "U-S-A! U-S-A!" filled the air around the building as the Russians quietly filed out. Some Russian fans congratulated the American visitors with a handshake or even a hug. "Good game," one said. A full half-hour after the end of the game, however, there was still no score on the roof. Perhaps that means President Putin believes it never happened.

Or perhaps the shapes on the roof did mean something. They looked a little bit like teardrops.

For more images from the U.S. win over Russia, click this photo: