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Detroit Pistons Have Reportedly Called Boston Celtics About Rajon Rondo

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COMMENTARY | With the Boston Celtics blowing up their roster, everyone has been wondering about the availability of All Star point guard Rajon Rondo. Danny Ainge has claimed that the team is not looking to move Rondo, despite several teams expressing interest. However, Ainge has always said that he will listen to anyone who calls.

Rondo is recovering from an ACL injury, and it is unclear exactly what kind of physical shape he will be in when he returns. He is a player who relies heavily on quickness and athleticism, raising concerns about how well he will recover.

The Detroit Pistons have been looking to make some noise, reaching out to free agents Josh Smith and Andre Iguodala. Although nothing big has happened yet, they seem to mean business with bringing in a big free agent. Additionally, they have reportedly shown interest in trying to trade for Rajon Rondo.

What exactly the Pistons would be able to send to Boston is unclear. Andre Drummond, Greg Monroe, and Brandon Knight would probably not be included in any potential trade, and the Celtics likely would not want much else on their roster. After acquiring plenty of draft picks from the Los Angeles Clippers and Brooklyn Nets, Ainge would likely look for players as opposed to picks in any potential future deals.

Danny Ainge seems pretty set on not trading his point guard, although you can't believe everything that members of management around the league are saying at this time of year.

For the right price, it might be smart for the Celtics to look into dealing Rondo.

There are concerns that with Rondo in a weak Eastern Conference, the Celtics might be stuck in a mediocrity phase. This can be a terrible place to be, as they won't be serious contenders, but also won't be bad enough to acquire a high draft pick. With next year's draft being so strong, the Celtics want to have the best pick possible.

Trading Rondo for some talented, young pieces would not be tanking for the Boston Celtics. And this might be their best option, at this point. The interest for Rajon Rondo is clearly there.

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