Detroit Lions DT Ndamukong Suh is the Most Overrated NFL Player? It's Too Early to Say That

CBS Sports Columnist Pete Prisco Says Suh is the Most Overrated Player in the League. That's Debatable

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COMMENTARY| To say that Detroit Lions DT Ndamukong Suh is the most overrated player in the NFL is a bit of a stretch.

Granted, Suh didn't follow his stellar rookie campaign with an equally impressive showing in 2011, but he's hardly overrated. Defenses simply put more emphasis on the former Heisman Trophy candidate who starred at Nebraska, that's all.

In order to really get an accurate measure of Suh's overrated-ness, more than two years need to be examined. Now, if he has another lackluster year, followed by a couple more, and we're standing five years into his career asking "what happened to this guy?" then yeah, I could see calling him overrated.

Suh was named the Associated Press' Defensive Rookie in the Year in 2010 after posting 66 tackles, 10 sacks and an interception for the Lions. He came back -- expectations high, of course -- with just 36 tackles and four sacks in 2011. However, the Lions were a much-improved team, notching a 10-6 record and making their first playoff appearance since 1999. Suh was a part of that success.

Now, I understand that Suh's dismal -- to his own high standards -- sophomore season didn't turn many heads. He was expected to come out firing, throwing quarterbacks around like rag dolls and taking names during the aftermath of his destruction.

Suh didn't exactly help his own cause in terms of popularity, either. He had a car accident ordeal in Oregon which raised a few questions, and his stomping of the Green Bay Packers' Evan Dietrich-Smith's head didn't help him shed his dirty label. He was also called the league's dirtiest player.

Has Suh's reputation -- one of being Mr. Dirty and Overrated -- affected how others perceive him? He's not a choir boy. That much we know. In fact, I lost a little respect for Suh after the head-stomping tirade. His explanation was laughable. However, I never questioned his ability, nor did I ever consider him as an overrated player.

Suh may have been too aggressive in 2011, likely looking to recreate his rookie season. He was often out of position when it came to the pass rush. He penetrated the backfield too quickly, if that's possible. That high pursuit caused him to watch running backs fly by and allowed quarterbacks to scatter by foot or throw the ball to an open receiver.

He can fix that. You can't coach tenacity. Suh has that. He's not overrated by any means. He simply was too aggressive during plays -- and after, just ask the Packers.

There are 31 other NFL teams that would love to have Suh, the most overrated and dirtiest player in the league, on their roster.

Adam Biggers has followed the NFL for over 20 years, specifically the Detroit Lions. He can be found on Twitter @AdamBiggers81.

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