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Should the Denver Broncos Grab Ochocinco for Peyton Manning? Fan's Take

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Any time a prominent NFL player is released from his team, fans of every other team will debate on whether he would make a good addition for them. I will admit that when I heard that Ochocinco had been released from the New England Patriots, I immediately started thinking about whether or not the Denver Broncos should try and add him to the team.

Why the Broncos Should Add Ochocinco

Despite his inability to learn the complicated New England Patriots offense in 2011, I still think Ochocinco has a couple of productive years left as an NFL wide receiver. Perhaps the system didn't suit him very well, and maybe joining the team during training camp never gave him the opportunity to fully learn the system the way he needed to before the season started.

That doesn't mean he can't learn another system. Perhaps a different one that was more straightforward would suit him better. If a player like Randy Moss (long known as a malcontent) can get a roster position in 2012 (San Francisco 49ers), then a guy like Ochocinco should be able to get one as well. Even if he's lost a step or two along the way, the Broncos roster could use a veteran presence. The Broncos have Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker penned in as starters right now, with Andre Caldwell and Brandon Stokely as their backups. The rest of the roster is filled with young, unproven guys. If Ochocinco could regain his former Pro Bowl form (seven seasons in his career he had 1,000 receiving yards), he could be a valuable asset for Peyton Manning in 2012.

Why The Broncos Should Not Add Ochocinco

The New England Patriots took a risk in adding Ochocinco to their roster and bombed. While he didn't have the behavior issues that some thought he might, he had the worst year of his career since his rookie season. Playing with a future Hall of Fame quarterback like Tom Brady, Ochocinco caught just 15 passes in 15 games. He frequently seemed to not be able to read defenses like the Patriots offense required and lined up in the wrong place.

If Ochocinco couldn't figure out how to make it work with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, how could he make it work with Peyton Manning? The Broncos are overhauling their offensive system and learning how to play with Manning who is every bit as demanding (or more) than Brady. Also, bringing Ochocinco in at this time would add a personality to the team that probably doesn't want one. He's not a malcontent like so many other diva receivers, but he is someone that attracts media to him. That won't fly on this new business-first Broncos team.

Julie is a fanatical football fan who has followed football her entire life. She became a Denver Broncos fans after moving to Colorado in 2001.

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