Dennis Seidenberg Will Go to Germany: Fan's View

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Dennis Seidenberg has become the fourth member of the Boston Bruins to turn eastward and look for temporary work in Europe due to the NHL lockout in a move that some Bruins fans like me may have seen coming.

Seidenberg wants to join Adler Mannheim of the German league, returning to the team he played for from 1999 to 2001 at the start of his pro career. Adler, which has an English-language website, posted a news report explaining that Seidenberg wants to come over, but needs to get permission from the Bruins and sort out insurance questions. He could possibly be playing for Adler as soon as Sept. 28 if he gets his permission and goes over there by then. However, he hasn't decided on a departure date yet.

Last month, Seidenberg said that he was considering the idea of playing in Germany. At the time, he hadn't put much thought into it, but obviously now he has. Maybe he was swayed by the lobbying of his younger brother Yannic, who is with Adler and has extensive experience in the German leagues.

Now the Seidenbergs could get a chance to play together, one defending the other--Yannic is a left-winger--and getting to fulfill the opportunity that the elder Seidenberg said might be a nice thing to do.

Adler was established in 1938 and last won a German championship in 2007. In their most recent game as of this writing, they beat ERC Ingolstadt 6-2.

So, add German to the list of languages to brush up on, Bruins fans, as players continue to head overseas thanks to die Aussperrung (the lockout, according to Google Translate).

Emma Harger is a Boston Bruins fan who actually studied German many moons ago, though she can't remember much of it now.

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