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Dennis Hallman Opens Up About TUF 18 Confrontation with Ronda Rousey

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COMMENTARY | Ronda Rousey (7-0-0, 7 submissions) has never been the poster child for humility in MMA, and that has been rather apparent on 18th season of "The Ultimate Fighter."

While coaching opposite one of her biggest rivals, Miesha Tate (13-4-0, 6 submissions), Rousey's behavior has rubbed many in the mixed martial arts community the wrong way, as the UFC's women's bantamweight champion comes off more like a petty troublemaker and a lot less like an undefeated champion worthy of respect.

Ronda's latest antics came during the Sept. 25 episode of TUF 18 when she came to the defense of her boxing coach, Edmund Tarverdyan (2-0-0, 1 KO), who was having an altercation with UFC veteran -- and team Tate guest coach -- Dennis Hallman (52-14-2, 40 submissions). Tarverdyan has had a beef with Tate's boyfriend Bryan Caraway -- and all those associated with him -- ever since he threatened to knock Ronda's teeth down her throat.

Both men exchanged heated words, Ronda restrained Tarverdyan, who didn't seem genuinely interested in getting into a fist-fight, while Hallman politely suggested that the two settle their differences with a sparring session.

Ronda found Hallman's comments to be inappropriate, and she boldly got in the UFC veteran's face, pretending like she actually had a chance against a fighter of his caliber while Hallman kept his composure.

It wasn't a good look for Ronda. Quite frankly, it made her look like a spoiled brat.

Hallman, obviously, didn't appreciate Rousey's actions, and he didn't hold back during a recent interview with DirtyMMACorner.

"I do think that Ronda has some sort of mental health issue," Hallman said. "It's either that or she's severely immature. She acts like a 14-year-old boy trapped in a woman's body, always trying to make everybody think that she's tough when really she's just not sure of herself. I knew she wasn't going to do anything. She's not going to go about and slap someone or anything like that. She definitely just wants to assert herself and make herself feel like she can get in someone's face."

While Rousey's antics on TUF 18 will likely cost her a few fans, the chances of her behavior negatively affecting her drawing power are pretty low. If anything, it'll probably boost it, as long as she keeps backing up all her talk inside the Octagon.

David is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and boxing practitioner who has watched and studied MMA for the past 8 years. Send him your questions @davidkingwriter and check out his blog.

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