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Da'Quan Bowers: Prosecutor More Lenient Than Plax's?
Update: According to Tampa Bay Times writer Stephen Holder, the Queens District Attorney's Office, which is responsible for handling Bowers' two second-degree criminal possession of a weapon charges, is "more reasonable" in the prosecution of accidental airport gun carrying incidents like Bowers' than the Manhattan District Attorney's Office that prosecuted Plaxico Burress after his 2008 gun incident.

Recommendation: It's not clear what sort of sources Holder might be relying upon, but he's not holding back on his words here, so he appears quite confident in the info he's relaying. It's also not clear what "more reasonable" translates into as far as the legal penalties go, because Burress faced a rather drastic 3.5-year minimum sentence for his offense, which resulted in a 20-month guilty plea at a lesser charge. Bowers' status is very much still in limbo, but this news is still good for him.

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