Danica Patrick Gets a New Deal with Coke Zero: NASCAR Fan View

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Danica Patrick has a new deal to add to her growing list of sponsors. Patrick will be a sponsored driver for Coke Zero and has already been promoting the brand with her Twitter account. Although other drivers continue to struggle as they search for sponsorships, this is not a problem for Danica Patrick.

The New Deal

Patrick joins a growing list of drivers that have been sponsored by Coca-Cola. Some of the current members include Tony Stewart and Joey Logano. The company plans on having her focus on Coke Zero instead of the entire brand. She will be promoting it at the Coca-Cola 600 on May 27.

The need for more sales of Coke Zero may explain the new deal with Danica Patrick. Coca-Cola is still competing with PepsiCo in the diet soda market. Coke Zero is facing off with Pepsi Max on billboards and in stores. Coca-Cola has invested an additional $600 million in marketing to promote its products, and Danica Patrick is one part of its plans.

An "Appealing Figure"

Coca-Cola has explained its decision to sponsor Danica Patrick with a statement that she is an "appealing figure for Coke Zero because she basically represents everything the brand does" and that the company is thrilled to work with her. Patrick has also shared her enthusiasm for the new sponsor by admitting she wants to see a cardboard image of herself with the product in stores.

Endorsing the Brand

Danica Patrick is already endorsing the brand on her official Twitter account. After thanking the company for the sponsorship, Patrick posted a photograph that shows her discussing the brand. She also retweeted an image that shows her drinking a bottle of Coke. I think Coca-Cola is hoping to benefit from the added exposure of associating with her.

Patrick continues to add more names to her list of sponsors. She has previous deals with Chevrolet,, Nationwide Insurance and other brands. Her latest deal is a common phenomenon in NASCAR. Drivers who already have strong sponsors often find it easier to add more. This is NASCAR's version of the rich getting richer while other drivers who lack support continue to struggle.

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