Dani Alves: Chelsea did not reach 2009 Champions League final because of fear

Stefan Coerts
Dani Alves: I was upset Barcelona did not deny transfer rumors

Dani Alves has voiced his opinion that Chelsea lost to Barcelona in the 2009 Champions League semifinals because it showed fear.

The Premier League side led 1-0 in the second leg at Stamford Bridge after a scoreless draw in the first encounter and appeared to be on iits way to the final when Barca was reduced to 10 men.

However, Andres Iniesta's stoppage-time strike eventually sent the Catalans through, and Dani Alves feels that Chelsea only has itself to blame.

"There's no doubt that was the hardest game we've played. People say Chelsea would have won if it wasn't for the referee, but what can we do about that? I think that [in 2009], Chelsea didn't reach the final because of fear," Dani Alves stated to The Guardian.

"The team that have a man more, at home, winning 1-0, should have attacked us. Chelsea lacked the courage to take a step forward. Instead, they took a step back and they paid for it.

"When we saw they were not attacking us, we realized they had renounced the game. They were satisfied with 1-0, they were satisfied but forgot that at 1-1 we were through. All they did was get rid of the ball."

Both sides meet again on Wednesday at Stamford Bridge for the first leg of this season's Champions League semifinal encounter, which kicks off at 2:45 p.m. ET.

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