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Dana White Shoots Down Anderson Silva Vs Nick Diaz Superfight Rumors: Fan's Reaction

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UFC president Dana White.

UFC President Dana White shot down the rumors of a "superfight" between Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz, while adding a glimmer of hope that the Brazilian legend will someday fight Georges St-Pierre.

Speaking to a small group of reporters following the UFC on Fox 4 press conference in Los Angeles, CA, White said it would make no sense for Diaz to square off against Silva.

Silva vs St-Pierre?

"I know that sounds fun -- 'Yeah! throw Nick Diaz in there!' -- if you really look at the the thing, Nick Diaz just lost to [Carlos] Condit, at 170, so that gives him the opportunity to move up to [1]85 and fight the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world?," White asked. "In what [expletive] universe does that make sense?"

White then added that a fight between Silva and St-Pierre may be in the works.

"Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva are both considered, and most people argue, I think finally, especially with the inactivity from GSP, that people now consider [Silva] the pound-for-pounder, but there was an argument there for a long time and if GSP hasn't been this inactive, maybe the debate would still be there," he said. "But he's definitely top two or three in the world, depending on who you ask. And if you were really going to make a fight like that, it would make more sense with Georges St Pierre, than it would with Diaz."

White concluded that "You don't know what's going to happen, we'll see what happens in the future here, and maybe that is the fight we're gonna make. I can tell you this not theoretically, Diaz-Anderson is not going to happen. That's just ridiculous."

Fan's Take

White's comment that it would be ridiculous for Diaz to fight Silva didn't make much sense.

He tried to argue that Diaz doesn't belong in the same cage as Silva because he is coming off a loss to Carlos Condit, but he failed to mention that the Diaz-Condit tilt was one of the most evenly-matched and highly competitive battles in UFC history. I personally think Condit legitimately won the fight, but many fight fans felt that Diaz should have earned the judge's decision.

Condit utilized a superb gameplan by fighting a tactical, defensive fight, doing just enough to earn the win. Diaz, on the other hand, landed less strikes, but pressed the action for the full 25 minutes. Condit faced plenty of backlash for not trying to decisively finish the fight, and Diaz was so upset by the controversial loss that he retired on the spot.

That said, for Dana White to claim that Diaz doesn't belong in the same cage as Silva because of that loss, isn't a great argument if you ask me.

Diaz Is Still In His Prime, While Silva Approaches 38th Birthday

Diaz is a veteran of over three dozen cage fights, and holds victories over top-quality competitors like B.J. Penn, Chris Lytle, Robbie Lawler and Frank Shamrock. At 29 years old, he's arguably still in his prime fighting years and fairly close to the top of his game.

He's not far off the talent level of the likes of St-Pierre, Condit and other high-level welterweights, so there's no way a fight between him and Silva should be considered "ridiculous."

I would agree that fans would rather see a fight between Silva and St-Pierre, rather than the former vs Diaz. However, White didn't have to go overboard by disrespecting Diaz in basically saying that he's undeserving just because he lost to Condit.

Would you rather see Anderson Silva fight Nick Diaz or Georges St-Pierre? Let me know in the comments.

Eric Holden is a lifelong UFC fan. Follow him on Twitter @ericholden.

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