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Dana White says Lombard vs. Woodley won’t happen: Tyron ‘wants nothing to do with Hector’

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UFC President Dana White joined members of the media on Friday evening, where he mentioned that Tyron Woodley is not interested in a match-up against Hector Lombard.

It seems like nothing is going Dana White's way these days.

The UFC President recently revealed that he was interested in setting up a bout between ATT teammates Hector Lombard and Tyron Woodley but that those plans came to an abrupt halt when one of the two contestants involved rejected the proposal.

"I sat down with Woodley after his fight in China," White said during the UFC 177 pre-fight media scrum. "And, he won easily, quick in and out. I said listen, we need you again, what do you think about fighting Hector Lombard in Australia, main event. He said ‘that's my teammate man, I don't want to fight my teammate.' I said dude, your teammate, you guys are three of the top five. You have to fight each other."

White immediately took his concerns to American Top Team owner Dan Lambert, who revealed that Lombard was interested in the fight but that Woodley would not budge from his stance on the matter.

"I talked to Dan Lambert and I said listen, this is the fight I want to make," White said. "So Lambert hits me back and says, Lombard's in, he wants the fight. Still talking to Woodley. He hits me again and says Woodley's out, Woodley won't take the fight."

If that wasn't enough to prove Lombard's interest in the fight, White claims he received a text from the Cuban-Australian fighter begging him to set up the clash with Woodley.

"I'm literally flying here [to Sacramento], I'm on the plane, I'm wheels up, and I get a text from Hector Lombard that says, ‘please get this Woodley fight done for me, I want this fight so bad, he's a two-faced phony and I want to beat his ass.' Literally what he said to me."

However, Woodley would still not take the bait.

"So I called Woodley when I landed, and said, obviously this isn't a teammate thing, here's what your teammate said, and he wants this fight bad. And he said he can say whatever he wants, he's about him and he's always about him, this fight doesn't work for me and my brand. He started telling me all these reasons why he doesn't want this fight. I said, whatever kid. Do your thing. But he wants nothing to do with Hector."

White ended the discussion by stating that they will "figure out" something for Lombard.

Transcription taken from MMAFighting.com.

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