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Dallas Cowboys Have Waited Too Long to Release Doug Free

Dallas Right Tackle Should've Been Released Long Ago

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COMMENTARY | The Dallas Cowboys have been busy this offseason. Not in terms of signing free agents, but restructuring every contract of seemingly every player on the roster.

Despite the hard-working efforts to get under the cap, the Cowboys are a shade under a whopping $100,000 under the cap, and are in no position to be signing any new players any time soon.

Yet in the midst of the top-tier players getting their contracts restructured, what's taking so long to do something with Doug Free?

The question of the 2013 offseason, if I do say so myself.

Free was once a key component to the Dallas offensive line. Before drafting Tyron Smith, he was the critical piece to keeping Tony Romo upright and off his back.

Fast forward a few years later, Romo is getting sacked at an alarming rate and Free is looking more so like a waste of space and money on the Cowboys' roster.

If Dallas were to release him, that would save around $7 million. That seems like the easiest $7 million that Jerry Jones could get at this point. By not having done anything with him up until this point, does the front office truly believe in Jeremy Parnell being his replacement?

Either one of three things will happen this year: Free will take a pay cut, be released, or he'll be the starting right tackle come Week 1. This uncertainty alone makes it almost inevitable that Dallas will be addressing the offensive line when it's on the clock in the NFL Draft.

If it were possible for Dallas to trade up to the No. 1 pick and grab Luke Joeckel, the front office would be working day and night to find a deal. Sadly, that's not the case. All signs point to the Cowboys addressing the interior offensive line, however, and Jonathan Cooper and Chance Warmack seem to be the likely candidates.

No matter the case, this should've been addressed the first day or two into the new season. Free isn't the player he used to be. That extension he was given a couple of years ago was another mistake in the world of the Dallas Cowboys.

Cut him, get that extra money and do something with it. Show everyone that this offseason isn't that much of a waste.

We're almost a month into the new offseason, but there have been more questions than answers for the Cowboys. That's the last thing fans want heading into the draft.

Get your Tylenol ready. This is going to be a long five-plus months.

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