Dallas Cowboys Vs. Carolina Panthers 2012 NFL Week Seven: A Fan's Prediction

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The Carolina Panthers and the Dallas Cowboys are set to do battle in Charlotte during week seven of NFL action and both teams are desperate for a win. Neither team has played up to their abilities in 2012 for more than one week at a time and that explains their combined 3-7 records. Both teams were expected to be much better in 2012. As a huge Carolina Panthers fan, I know I was expecting far more after six weeks than only one win. Dallas Cowboys fans would say the same about their squad. So who has the upper hand in this huge week seven game?

Injuries will play a part

The Cowboys lost running back DeMarco Murray for at least this game and that will hurt them. Murray has been a great addition for them when he is in the lineup. With him out, the Cowboys will need Felix Jones and others to fill in the gap. The Panthers are also looking at some injury problems with Ryan Kalil out for the season and Jon Beason and Chris Gamble still listed as questionable. Losing Beason and Gamble would be particularly hurtful for the Panthers and replacing Kalil is impossible. The edge here goes to the Cowboys even with them losing a superstar running back.

The Romo question

Tony Romo is a wild card that simply can't be predicted. If the guy gets hot he can pick you to pieces. If he gets rattled, then he can absolutely lose the game for the Cowboys and do it quickly. What will happen against Carolina though? I think that the renewed pass rush in Carolina will give Romo fits. Charles Johnson has looked unstoppable and the guys around him are starting to reap the benefits. Romo will have less of a running game to support him as well. Felix is great and all but he is coming off an injury of his own. Carolina will win this part of the game in my view. Romo will get rattled.

Which Carolina offense will show up?

When Carolina plays up to their potential and the running game is on point, they are tough to beat. Cam Newton gets that offense rolling and they are like a steam roller. The problem is, that has only really happened once in 2012 and that was the one win on the season. Can they do it again? I think they absolutely can having had time to prepare for the Cowboys. Cam Newton will need to be decisive and the running backs are going to have to hit the holes hard. I think they will absolutely do just that and pick up win number two on the season.

*Southern is a huge Carolina Panthers fan that is convinced that he will see a Super Bowl Trophy in Charlotte within five years.

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