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Dallas Cowboys: Top-5 Blunders of Tony Romo's Career

Highlighting the Best ... Er, Worst, Miscues of the Cowboys' Quarterback

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COMMENTARY | Tony Romo can't catch a break.

The only way Romo can truly alter his pre-determined legacy as the next Danny White is if he can lead the Dallas Cowboys to a Super Bowl, and based on the preconceived notions by those with an opinion, that idea seems a way's away.

As I was trying to figure out what article to hash out next, considering we've hit a dead period in the NFL and the Cowboys in general, I must say: It's rather difficult.

Then I started thinking back to Week 17 against the Redskins, as I so often do, and it hit me: How many miscues has Romo made to cost the Cowboys a game? Some of them funny, some of them reaching head-bashing-through-wall status.

Nevertheless, the hope for the Cowboys is that these miscues don't result in another failing season in 2013, but let us take a trip down memory lane of the top-5 most bizarre miscues of Romo's career in Dallas.

No. 5: Sept. 11, 2011, Romo Alone on Revis Island

I remember being at work when this game was going on with the Cowboys up 14 in the fourth quarter. The only thought in my head? "This lead won't last."

Albeit, the snowball started rolling profusely when Joe McKnight blocked this Mat McBriar punt to tie the game at 24-24, that turned out to be only a microcosm as to what happened with under a minute to go in the game.

The Cowboys had the ball at their own 40-yard line with 59 seconds to go, when Romo throws this terrible pass intended for Dez Bryant, into the hands of Darrelle Revis and the Jets go on to kick the field goal to win the game, 27-24.

A truly emotional ending to an emotional day. For the Cowboys, the emotion was full of tears, and not in a good way.

Yes, it was the first game of the year, but that 2011-12 season was a year where the Cowboys, particularly Romo, epitomized the word 'choke.' As you'll see later on in this countdown, there's more proof to that.

No. 4: Oct. 28, 2012, You Down With JPP?

Romo was so down with JPP, he just gave the ball to the most freakish athlete in the NFL.

Remember this game? The touchdown that never was? The comeback that never truly happened? Well, do you remember that the Cowboys were down 23-0 early in the second quarter thanks to three Romo interceptions?

The third one, courtesy of the Giants' Jason Pierre-Paul, was the moment where TVs turned off across America. Really, who thought a comeback was in the works after that?

It was another one of those games when you look back on the season and think, "What could've been?" if Bryant did come down with that miraculous touchdown with under 10 seconds to go. That was the only thing that could've truly saved Romo's behind from that terrible first half.

And by the way, the Cowboys ended up losing the game, 29-24, and dropped to 3-4 on the year.

No. 3 Oct. 2, 2011, The Lions Roar Back

This wasn't just one blunder. This was an entire second half of blunders. So much so that this entire list could be made of each mistake that Romo made to give the Detroit Lions a remote chance to win this game.

Dallas led by as many as 24 points. The score mid-way through the third quarter was 27-3. This Detroit team has a notoriously bad secondary. After this second half, you would think that the Lions had Deion Sanders, Night Train Lane and Ronnie Lott.

The Cowboys led 27-3 with 12:23 left in the third quarter. In 2:11, Bobby Carpenter (yes, the same bust of a linebacker Dallas drafted in the first round) intercepted Romo and took it back for a touchdown. 4:38 later, Chris Houston picks off Romo again and returns it for a 56-yard touchdown. The lead is down to 10 in approximately 7:45.

The fourth quarter turned into the "Calvin Johnson Show," with Megatron catching two touchdowns in the final 15 minutes to give the Lions an astounding win. You can watch the highlights here, at your own risk.

That was two games that Romo threw away in the 2011-12 season.

Let this sink in: The Giants won the NFC East at 9-7 that year. The Cowboys finished 8-8.

No. 2: Dec. 30, 2012, HTTSPI (Hail To The Screen-Pass Interception)

Can we label this No. 1A? In reality, this is the event that summed up the entire 2012 season for the Cowboys, and for Romo.

Despite two terrible interceptions in the first half, the Cowboys climbed all the way back and trailed the Washington Redskins 21-18 in the NFC East title game with 3:11 to go. Another chance, another opportunity to get into the playoffs and win the division.

All thrown away, because of this play. No more needs to be said.

No. 1: Jan. 6, 2007, The Infamous Botched Snap

I was actually overseas on a ship while this game was going on. There was no signal to get this game on TV, and I had to go to dinner right after Miles Austin returned the kickoff for a touchdown to give Dallas the lead in the third quarter.

So, of course, I'm feeling good

I go back to my room well after the game was over, and the first thing I see on the TV is that botched snap. Fill in the blank as to what happened next.

Until Romo wins a Super Bowl, this is the moment that he'll live with forever. No matter how many highlight tapes there are of how great he plays, this botched snap of the 19-yard field goal that would've put the Cowboys into the divisional round is the coup de gras, so to speak.

This one moment has been the landmark in which Romo is defined, and until he can at least lead Dallas to a conference championship game, this will define his career.

Do you have anymore Romo blunders? Put them in the comments section or shoot me a nice mention on Twitter.

Danny Webster is a featured columnist for the Dallas Cowboys. You can reach him by following @DannyWebster21 on Twitter.

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