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Cyclist Bradley Wiggins Has Not Decided on Future Olympic Games

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He's competed in four Olympic Games, but he hasn't yet decided if he will try for a fifth.

Sure, British cyclist Bradley Wiggins is among the most successful Olympic cyclists in the world, but the 32-year-old isn't quite sure he's ready to commit to four more years of Olympic training.

"We'll see. It's a long way away," Wiggins told Sky Sports News. "We tend to work in very short blocks and get the most out of those blocks, and then as you come towards the end of that block you decide what you want to do for the next period, however long that is -- one or two years. The foreseeable future is just to concentrate on 2013 and go from there, never looking too far ahead, taking short steps and working to the goals in front of you."

Throughout his Olympic cycling career, Wiggins has amassed a total of seven medals on the track and road. Four of Wiggins' medals are gold.

Though he's done well on the track, Wiggins also has had plenty of success in road races and on tours, as well. He's the defending Tour de France champion, and he finished third in the same race in 2009. In 2011, he finished third in the Vuelta de EspaƱa.

In the future, he'd like to win the Giro d'Italia. In fact, that's where Wiggins said his focus will be for the time being.

"The last four years, all the focus has been on the Tour de France and trying to win that race," Wiggins told Sky Sports News. "Obviously it's deciding what you want to do next -- the Tour of Italy is something I would like to win. In cycling terms it's just as big as the Tour for me."

Once he's accomplished that goal -- or come as close as possible -- Wiggins will think about the 2016 Olympic Games and a fifth gold medal, he said. For now though, his attention is focused elsewhere.

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