Cowboys could seek DL draft adjustment

Eric Edholm
March 23, 2012
Chiefs ink first-round NT Poe

If the Cowboys draft strictly for need in Round One, they might consider taking an impact front-seven defender. More specifically, a defensive end. They have rotated good, serviceable but hardly dominant players at the position for years, and Kenyon Coleman struggled noticeably as a starter last season. We have talked in this space for years about the possibility of Jay Ratliff moving off the nose in his later years, and that still could happen. So there is a possibility of either a 3-4 end or nose tackle fitting in with the Cowboys’ No. 14 overall pick. The most likely candidates include Memphis’ Dontari Poe (nose), Fletcher Cox (end) and Michael Brockers (either spot). Poe could be the huge anchor inside that allows Ratliff to move outside, thus improving two spots with one pick. Although critics say Poe remains raw and that his tape doesn’t always reflect just how massive and gifted he is, this is the kind of player some believe Rob Ryan could motivate into being one of the best players in this year’s class.