A Cougars Fan's Guide to Tailgating at Brigham Young University

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Attending a BYU Cougars football game is unlike any other. Due to the school's honor code preventing alcohol consumption, tailgating may be different than in most college and professional games.

However, there is still a strong tailgating scene that continues to grow, despite the lack of alcoholic beverages and boisterous behavior typical of tailgate parties.

Location: Indoor Practice Facility lot, 150 East

You can tailgate in any lot around LaVell Edwards Stadium. However, for larger parties, or if you have an RV, it is recommended to go to the Indoor Practice Facility parking lot. That lot will accommodate parties of larger sizes. It is located on 150 East. I recommend going to this lot due to the restrictions placed on other lots.

When: 2 hours prior to game

You are allowed to arrive to the game at any time. I would recommend to arrive and begin your tailgate party at least two hours prior to the start of the game.

What's allowed and what's not allowed: No alcohol and restrictions on location

Unlike many other college campuses, BYU has a strict no-alcohol policy. Though this rule may not necessarily apply to the parking lots, or to non-BYU students, it is recommended not to bring alcohol. This may turn off some fans.

Also, in all lots other than the Indoor Practice Facility lot, tailgating is permissible, but only if one parking spot is used. The tailgating party cannot extend into the roadway or into another stall. I recommend going to the Indoor Practice Facility lot if you wish to have a tailgate party due to its larger size and more lenient rules for tailgaters. For those that wish to bring grills, tables, chairs, etc., go to the Indoor Practice Facility lot. You will be able to enjoy your tailgate party without being restricted to size and space.

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Joshua Rutkowski is a BYU Cougar' fan and has attended several tailgating parties at LaVell Edwards Stadium.

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