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Corben Bone hopes that his goal at the friendly with Santos Laguna will help him become a permanent part of the starting lineup. His comments after the game indicate that he wants to transition away from simply being a bench player. However, the Chicago Fire have many options in the midfield, and the recent addition of Wells Thompson has only diluted the choices.

Corben Bone Scores

Corben Bone scored the second goal for the Chicago Fire at the international friendly on Sept. 8 with Santos Laguna. The midfielder joined the team in 2010 but has not played in many games. Bone has a total of 17 appearances with Chicago. After the match, he mentioned, "I think hopefully that shows the coaching staff that I can score goals in a spot that you have to to perform."

The 23-year-old was obviously hoping that his goal was enough to impress head coach Frank Klopas and inspire him to offer the midfielder more opportunities. Klopas has not ignored Bone's contribution and mentioned it was "good to see" him score. The head coach also pointed out, "I think that's important for guys that haven't gotten enough minutes to see that they're in good form and ready to step in and help the team."

Bone and the Starting Lineup is convinced that Corben Bone is after Marco Pappa's spot on the roster. Since Pappa left to join a Dutch club, his role in the midfield has been filled with several players, but Bone has not been one of them. Although he would be thrilled with the chance to join the starting lineup, he is not likely to get the opportunity this season.

In previous seasons, the midfield has sometimes lacked options, but 2012 has been different. Head coach Frank Klopas has recruited rookies and kept veterans to create enough players for rotation. The Chicago Fire have also signed Wells Thompson, so the midfield options continue to grow. The international friendly has shown that Corben Bone is a developing player with potential. Nevertheless, he is not likely to become a regular part of the starting lineup in 2012.

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