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Coolest 2013 Kentucky Derby Names

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The 2013 Kentucky Derby horses are facing the biggest weekend of their careers, and some are heading into the race with a leg up on their names.

For many Kentucky Derby betters, the name is what places the bet so it's always fun to see the outlandish monikers. And, this year, there are five that really stand out. Not only do they have a cool meaning, but they also are memorable.

Frac Daddy

It's probably just what you are thinking, it's named after ... fracking! Some of Frac Daddy's owners have ties to the oil business and rightfully named their Kentucky-bred grey colt in honor of the oilfield workers. Regardless of your stance on fracking, it's hard not to cheer for hard workers. Keep an eye on the 15th post with odds of 50/1.

Normandy Invasion

Taking the 5th post with odds of 12/1, Normandy Invasion is ready to win. This horse's name makes the list solely on the intentions behind it. I wouldn't call it creative, but it's admirable. Owner Rick Porter is honoring War World II veterans that served during the allied assault.

He's also bringing some veterans to the race, which goes to show he's using this giant stage to bring awareness for our veterans.

Charming Kitten

When placing bets, Charming Kitten probably isn't the name that sticks out as a winner, but it is memorable. Charming Kitten is a Kentucky home-bred that was named after its lineage, not YouTube videos. Its pedigree includes names like Kitten's Joy, and Kitten's First. It's set at the 15th post, and the odds are 20/1.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx has taken the first post position with odds of 50/1. When you see this black beauty on the track, it will make sense why this horse is named Black Onyx. His white blaze and stunning black coat fit the name perfectly. And Black Onyx is also a beautiful gem, which symbolizes the value of this horse.

Palace Malice

This horse makes the list simply because it brings back memories of the "Malice at the Palace." It's a little humorous to picture Ron Artest (Metta World Peace) losing his mind. In all seriousness, though, Palace is passed down from the horse's lineage, and the word Malice means evil intent. The owners are trying to make a clear statement that this horse means business! It sits at the 10th post with odds of 20/1.


It's cool to pay tribute your parents, and that is exactly what Vyjack's owner, David Wilkenfed, did. His parents' names are Vivian and Jack, therefore Vyjack was born. Three-year-old Vyjack will race at the 20th post, and his odds are 15/1.

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