Conferences with the Most Teams in the NCAA Tournament in 2012: Fan's Look

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UConn's 2011 Championship Trophies in men's basketball

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UConn's 2011 Championship Trophies in men's basketball

These are the college basketball conferences that have the most teams in the 2012 NCAA Tournament. Except for a couple of glaring errors, I think the selection committee did a decent job this year.

Conferences with the Most Teams in the NCAA Tournament in 2012

Big East - 9

After getting a record 11 teams into the 2011 NCAA Tournament, the Big East ended up with nine in the Big Dance in 2012. My favorite college basketball team is the Syracuse Orange. We are a #1 seed in the tournament, and a threat to win the whole thing. Anything short of a Final Four in 2012 will be a big disappointment.

Also in from the Big East are Marquette, Georgetown, Louisville, Cincinnati, Notre Dame, UConn, West Virginia and South Florida. Seton Hall could have been the 10th team from the Big East, but the selection committee left them out.

Except for UConn winning the tournament in 2011, the Big East teams did not do great last year. I think they will do better in 2012 as a group.

Big Ten - 6

The six Big Ten teams in are Michigan State, Ohio State, Purdue, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Historically, I have almost always picked against the Big Ten teams in my brackets, though I won a pretty big contest back in 2000 by picking Michigan State as the overall winner.

I could be wrong here, but I really respect the Big Ten teams this season, especially, once again, Michigan State. After losing to North Carolina and Duke in their first two games, the Spartans now have 12 wins over NCAA Tournament teams.

Big 12 - 6

Great job by the Big 12 getting six of their 10 teams into the Big Dance. Kansas, Missouri, Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas State and Texas are all in. Missouri is leaving the Big 12 with a bang, having won the conference tournament.

ACC - 5

The five ACC teams in the NCAA Tournament are North Carolina, Florida State, Duke, Virginia, and North Carolina State. After winning the ACC Tournament, the Florida State Seminloes have to be considered a contender for the Final Four and maybe the championship, in my opinion. Nice job by North Carolina State playing their way in, bad job by Miami playing their way out.

SEC - 4

The SEC only got four teams in the NCAA Tournament, as both Ole Miss and Mississippi State faltered down the stretch, while Tennessee surged but came up a little short. Kentucky is a huge threat to win it all, and that has to make Vanderbilt a contender too. Also in from the SEC are Florida and Alabama.

Mountain West - 4

Great job by the Mountain West getting four of their eight teams in the Big Dance in 2012. I'm very curious to see how well UNLV, San Diego State, Colorado State and New Mexico do in this year's tournament. They played great basketball on the west coast this year, it just wasn't in the Pac 12.

Atlantic 10 - 4

By virtue of St. Bonaventure winning the A-10 Conference Tournament, the conference got four teams in this year. Temple, Xavier and Saint Louis are the other three teams. The A-10 teams did pretty good against non-conference opponents this year, but then beat each other up in conference play.

West Coast - 3

Gonzaga, Saint Mary's and BYU are in from the West Coast Conference. The only tournament team BYU beat all year was Gonzaga.

Missouri Valley - 2

Wichita State and Creighton are representing the Missouri Valley Conference this year. Historically, I respect this conference, but I'm not a believer this year.

Conference USA - 2

Memphis and Southern Miss are in from Conference USA. Marshall beat Iona straight-up by 19 points this season, 82-63, but somehow Iona was selected and Marshall was left out. That's a joke. I know the game was in Huntington, WV, but come on it was 19 points.

Pac 12 - 2

Just Colorado and California are in from the Pac 12. The conference was way down this year, but should snap back next season.

Metro Atlantic - 2

Loyola (MD) and Iona are in from the Metro Atlantic Conference, which was ranked 18th out of the 31 conferences in college basketball. The six conferences ranked from 12th to 17th only got one team in each. Give me a break.

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