Comparing Navy SEALs to Golf: Fan Take

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It seems Tiger Woods can't shake his former coach's assertion that the former number one golfer is obsessed with U.S. Navy SEALs. It seems that Woods went on a parachute training mission 18 days before the 2006 U.S. Open Championship. Woods clearly wasn't focusing on golf. ESPN reported his father died about seven weeks before the big tournament. Earl Woods was a member of the U.S. Army's special forces. The younger Woods even went so far as to tell Hank Haney that the SEALs were going to make an age exception for the world's best golfer.

Professional golfers are very much like Navy SEALs in order to be successful.


In order to become the best golfer in the world, it takes hours of intense practice and training. The same is true of SEALs. Without intense training, the unit would lose lives and the mission would be lost. SEALs are one of the most elite military units on the planet. Woods, at one time, was the most stunning example of professional golf in the world.

Study the Elements

Golfers must be prepared for any kind of weather on the golf course. Wind, rain and weather can make for varied conditions on the golf course. SEALs need to be ready for all kinds of weather too. When they jump into high winds or blustery conditions, the unit must have the right equipment and training to deal with all kinds of weather when they are on a particular mission.

Know Your Enemy

Golfers must know what the course is like before a tournament in order to win. That's where practice comes in during the week before the tournament at the course. SEALs must know the enemy's territory before embarking on a mission. Gathering intelligence and know what the unit is up against are part of the preparation.


Navy SEALs must be incredibly accurate. Whether they are shooting people with guns or arming explosives, the timing, accuracy and precision of the team are musts for a successful mission. All of those elements are also necessary to get a little white ball into a cup 500 yards away. If a pro golfer isn't accurate, the game is lost. If the swing's timing is off, there goes the precision of a golf shot.

Best of the Best

All of these elements add up to being the best of the best. It's no wonder Tiger Woods can appreciate the SEALs. Both are considered some of the best in the world, although the golfer has struggled over the past two years. The SEALs as a unit are still top notch, although individual members do come and go as the officers get older.

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