College Football 2012: Top Oregon Beers for Great Tailgating

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When tailgating for an Oregon Ducks game, there's no reason to sell yourself short on your beer choice. If you're going to the game, you have already shelled out the bucks for the tickets and the trip to Autzen Stadium.

Why cheapen the experience with a substandard mass-market brew that an SEC fan might drink?

Oregon is home to some of the best brews out there. Here's a look at 10 great choices for tailgating. Sure, the college students still might go for the cheapest with the highest alcohol content.

These are meant for the enjoyment of great beer:

1. Rogue's Dead Guy Ale

Want to see the opposition killed on the field? First, slay your own thirst with this robust brew from the guys at Rouge Ales. It was originally created to celebrate All Souls Day, the Mayan Day of the Dead, Nov. 1.

2. Honey Orange Wheat

It's another fine offering available from Rogue Ales, part of their Track Town line. Enjoy the orange and honey hints and the sweet malt flavor. It goes great with hot wings.

3. Deschutes Brewery's Jubelale

Available October through December, this one is a great winter brew partner for the Ducks' schedule. It's a finely layered malty ale that puts a spring in the step on a wet winter morning.

4. Hop Trip

Brought to us by Deschutes as well, Hop Trip is a seasonal with a nice citrus flavor and a just-right hop bite. It's an awesome pairing with pizza.

5. Obsidian Stout

Yes, I do like the brews from Deschutes. The Obsidian Stout is just about my favorite beer anywhere, for any occasion. It's stout, tough, and loaded with espresso overtones, and it is still smooth enough to casually enjoy.

6. Summer Squeeze

For those early fall games when summer might still be in the air and the leaves are turning, enjoying Bridgeport's citrus infused jewel will satiate your thirst, while easing your attitude into game-day readiness.

7. Kiwanda Cream Ale

From Pelican Brew Pub in Pacific City, this beer is smooth, slightly sweet, malty, and just downright good. It goes great with some grilled chicken fresh off the coals. It's crisp and refreshing flavor is a fine halftime score from the fridge, if you're watching from home.

8. Doggie Claws Wine Style Ale

Hair of the Dog brews up some incredible selections. One great choice for a pre-game party is the West Coast style barley wine brew termed Doggie Claws. It comes out in November and might be a little hard to find. Seek it out, and reap your reward.

9. Hamm's

If you're up for a cheap beer, the one with the cool bear has the best taste. Hamm's has been bought out by Miller Coors, joining the ranks of the other mass offerings. Still, Hamm's is unique enough to make it a good choice for loading a cooler.

10. Oyster Stout

Another favorite that you can't get everywhere but is worth looking for; the offering from Upright Brewing incorporates oyster liquor and oysters in the brewing process. Like most on this list, it's not your for your beer-guzzling fans that care more about the cheap buzz than the beer.

These selections are meant to make the pregame part of the festivities and overall enjoyment.

Jeff Musall has been a fan of the Oregon Ducks since the '80s and immensely enjoys a quality beer with friends before a game.

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