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Colin Cowherd Shows His Ignorance in Criticizing New Orleans: Fan's Perspective

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Ever since news of the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal broke, it has become fashionable for the media to disrespect the Big Easy. The NFL recently announced that if the Pro Bowl takes place next January, its location is likely to be New Orleans. This innocuous piece of news induced Colin Cowherd to go on a rant about New Orleans.

Colin Cowherd

Since I work during the day, I didn't have the pleasure of hearing Colin Cowherd's comments about my hometown live on his ESPN Radio show "The Herd." However, WWL 870 AM played several sound bites from Cowherd's diatribe against New Orleans on my commute home today.

The gist of Colin Cowherd's argument is that he doesn't understand why New Orleans gets so many major sporting events. Cowherd cited problems with crime, the lack of a world-class airport, few hotel rooms and bad weather.

As someone who lives in New Orleans, I could understand if these foolish and ignorant comments came from someone who had never visited the city and didn't understand the logistics of hosting a major sporting event. But for Colin Cowherd to utter this nonsense shows that he's just jumping on the ESPN bandwagon of hating New Orleans.

Concerning crime, we do have some very bad neighborhoods. However, every major urban city has bad neighborhoods. Downtown, the Convention Center, the French Quarter and Superdome areas are teaming with police officers and are very safe for tourists.

Louis Armstrong airport is relatively small. But I've never failed to find a place to eat or an open newsstand there. And the baggage handlers have always gotten my luggage to me in a short period of time. Also, you can get on the interstate as soon as you leave and you're in New Orleans in 10 minutes.

Colin Cowherd's assertion about hotels is the epitome of ignorance. New Orleans hosts major events such as Super Bowls, Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest all the time. For Cowherd to say that New Orleans doesn't have enough hotels may be the most ignorant comment he has ever uttered.

I'm sure Colin Cowherd's comment about the weather was a reference to the heat and the potential for hurricanes. Someone should tell Cowherd that none of the major sporting events that New Orleans hosts take place in the summer or during hurricane season.

So we're supposed to believe that Colin Cowherd knows more about New Orleans than the NFL (Pro Bowls and Super Bowls), the NBA (All-Star game), BCS (Sugar Bowl and National Championship) and NCAA (Final Four) do?

I wish New Orleans could sue Colin Cowherd for defamation of character. We'd have a better case than Jonathan Vilma.

Patrick Michael lives in New Orleans and has always been a big fan of the New Orleans Saints. Patrick's favorite Saints season was 2009 when New Orleans won Super Bowl 44. Follow Patrick Michael on Twitter at patmichael84.


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