Clippers Can Beat the Spurs: Fan Reaction

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The Los Angeles Clippers can beat the Spurs. I don't necessarily expect the Clips to beat San Antonio, but the capacity is certainly there. The San Antonio Spurs are going to be the favorites, and few people will be shocked if they beat the Clippers. However, Los Angeles is arguably a dangerous team that has a ton of weapons. If they are going to take down Tim Duncan and company, a number of things will need to go their way.

Clutch play

For the Clippers to win, they will need a healthy Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. In addition, they will need the clutch play from CP3 that everyone has come to expect. Granted, this is daunting opponent, but the Clippers did outlast a very good Memphis Grizzlies team that was very physical. Paul is not superhuman and he has his limits. However, he has shown in the past that he can win key games on the big stage.

Nothing to lose

The Clippers really have nothing to lose in this series. Obviously it would be great to win, but they are the underdog. There is a certain freedom in that position, and I am hopeful that it will help Los Angeles play free and loose. The Clippers survived a tough series and now it is time to see if Lob City can take down a team that is able to play a variety of styles.

Contributions from everyone

If Los Angeles is going to pull off the upset, they will need contributions from everyone. The bench played a crucial role in Game 7 against the Grizzlies, and they will need to step up if the Clippers are going to keep pace with the Spurs. Los Angeles will need big shots from Nick Young, solid defense from Reggie Evans and Kenyon Martin, and quality minutes from Mo Williams and Eric Bledsoe.

The Clippers can win this series, but it will definitely not be easy.


The author grew up in Seattle and now lives in Los Angeles, where he waits patiently for the Sonics to return to the Pacific Northwest. In the meantime, he roots for the Clippers to become a winning franchise, and perhaps even the most popular team in their own city. You can follow him on Twitter @tpheifer.

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