Cleveland Indians’ Chris Perez Criticizes Former Manager Manny Acta: A Fan’s Reaction

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Cleveland Indians’ Chris Perez Criticizes Former Manager Manny Acta: A Fan’s Reaction

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Cleveland Indians closer Chris Perez insists he wants to stay in Cleveland.

Cleveland Indians closer Chris Perez always seems to provide the media a story, as he did Tuesday, October 2 when he publicly criticized recently fired Tribe skipper Manny Acta. In August Perez kept true to his "Pure Rage" nickname, questioning the Indians' front office's poor decision making and unwillingness to spend money. He now claims his comments stemmed from frustration related to then manager Manny Acta.

Chris Perez told the media October 2, "A lot of it (my remarks) was heat of the moment. I was upset. A lot of that walked out the door last week." You don't need Scooby Doo-like detective skills to know Perez was referring to Cleveland's recently displaced manager Manny Acta. Follow up questions by reporters gave "Pure Rage" the opportunity to air specific grievances.

Amongst his complaints, Chris Perez voiced disapproval with Manny Acta's laidback managerial approach. The Plain Dealer's Indians beat reporter Paul Hoynes notes Perez saying "The Manny (reporters) saw and the Manny we saw were different guys. He's not a very confrontational person." Perez went on to cite Acta's calm dugout demeanor and rare clubhouse meetings as team hindrances.

Now Manny Acta's calm dugout demeanor proved a common objection from Acta critics. Heck, I liked the former skipper but even I maintained concerns surrounding how he refused to hold a heated argument with the men in blue. However, I accepted this because Manny Acta remained upfront about his personality. From listening to pregame and postgame interviews all season I understood Acta didn't think highly about storming the baseball diamond and getting into an umpire's face.

If Manny Acta successfully conveyed his personality to fans and the media, I figured a similar arrangement existed in the clubhouse with his players. Perhaps such an understanding stood but begrudgingly so. I'm sure by talking to other players and then their former skipper more talking points regarding Acta's firing may emerge.

Personally, as a Cleveland Indians fan I'm not really interested in pursuing such a route. Instead my focus revolves around moving forward and discussing what the organization needs to accomplish so they can provide the city a winning team. The Indians' last winning season came half a decade ago, 2007. 2008 saw the Indians break even at .500 and for the past four years, well the "L" up-top Cleveland's metaphorical forehead does not represent the word "Lucky."

To conclude, let me just say I'm much more interested in addressing what Cleveland needs to accomplish to field a winning team than gossiping about former manager Manny Acta's relationship with his players. After all if I wished to gossip, I would write about celebrities more and Cleveland Indians baseball less.

Zachary Fenell fell in love with the Cleveland Indians during the 1995 season when the Tribe powered their way to the organization's first World Series appearance since 1954. While the Indians lost some allure since the 1990s you will still find Zachary watching the games on TV, listening to them on the radio, or best yet taking in a game from the stands at Progressive Field.

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