Cleveland Indians Begin to Disappoint on the Field and Off: A Fan’s Take

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Truth be told, the Cleveland Indians are not a bad team. The problem is, they are not a great team either. I admit I have spent the majority of the offseason beginning last year and moving forward into this year's All-Star break with rose-colored glasses. Like most die-hard Tribe fans, I rushed to the defense of the team anytime I heard a negative comment about the front office or anything remotely related to the team. My love for the Cleveland Indians is akin to that of my wife. Unlike my wife, I know the Cleveland Indians do not love me back.

I like to believe I have a great understanding of the game of baseball. I like to believe I can comprehend moves made or not made by the team and can see the "business side" of the franchise. I like to believe I understand the limitations placed on the front office, be it monetary or the mere fact a player has absolutely no desire to play in or even visit the city I call home longer than they absolutely have to. I would even like to believe that I understand the concepts of not wanting "rental" players or simply the fact that nothing worthwhile being available.

Even though I believe I understand everything I have just stated, I am irked by the fact that a team that legitimately has potential to do great things is doing absolutely nothing to get over the hump. Just because the team is in last place in attendance, does that mean those of us who show up to games and are passionate about the Cleveland Indians do not deserve a winner?

For the price of Grady Sizemore, Shelley Duncan, and Johnny Damon, all of which are grossly under-performing, the team could have signed Josh Willingham (3yrs/$21M). For those not familiar with Willingham, he is batting .273 with 27 home runs and 78 RBIs. Also, he plays left field and bats right-handed. As we all know, Sizemore is physically unable to perform despite signing a $5 million deal in the offseason, Duncan would excel at Triple-A Columbus, not in the major leagues, and Damon as much as I have always loved the guy, needs to consider calling it a career.

On the bright side, we fans get a free parking weekend, a couple of extra dollar hot dog nights, and some pretty amazing fireworks shows scheduled predominately to lure in the casual fan. The product we are getting on the field is good, but honestly could be better.

I don't know why the front office will not take a risk and make a big move. As I stated, what is on the field now is good, but it is not great. Why can't the front office admit it and do something about it? I wish they would quit giving the run-around and in the end do nothing. The fans deserve better.

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