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Cleveland Cavaliers Fan Take: What to Expect Out of Dion Waiters?

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As expected, Dion Waiters will likely be the starting shooting guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers this season. There was a chance that newcomer C.J. Miles would get the job but that does not seem to be the case.

Waiters has not been particularly good in the preseason. In his seven games, Waiters is averaging only eight points per game and hitting only 36% of his shots. The Cavs are young so holding the talented former Syracuse Orange player back does not make sense. Miles has been better than that but not by much. He connected on 41% of his shots and averaged almost 12 points a game.

So, Waiters has shot poorly and hasn't shown the ability to get to the rim and finish (supposedly his strength). What will his role be?


We know that Waiters won't be asked to play point guard. However, he will likely be asked to be the main scorer at times. He will have to create his own shots, hit some jumpers, and drive to the bucket and dish to his teammates. There will be times that Waiters will struggle. Hopefully, those games don't happen often. By January, he should emerge as the second-best offensive option on a team that doesn't have much when you get past Kyrie Irving. His bad nights will be very noticeable because of the lack of capable scorers on the team.

If Waiters ends up being a sixth man, he'll be fine. He could end up making a big impact coming off the bench.


Of course, a rookie shooting guard who many think is undersized and was picked too high in the draft will have struggles. His game has some weaknesses but his upside is still huge. This year could be tough to watch but Waiters will be really good in time. Right now, he can't seem to buy a jump shot. He is not attacking as much as we thought, either. When he gets comfortable and starts slashing to the hoop, he will have some big games.

With Waiters and Irving, the Cavs have two guys who can get to the rim and set up their teammates for wide open shots and easy buckets.

Matt David is a die-hard Cavaliers fan and has been for many years. You can follow him on Twitter here. Still want more? Go to his blog.

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